Legendary Rock Star Slams Johnny Depp Trial, “Nobody Cared”

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Though the infamous trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard captivated the world in 2022, it appears the trial is still a hot topic. However, the media might be to blame for how the trial was portrayed, at least according to a legendary rock star and bandmate of Depp.

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Johnny Depp was a massive movie star right before an op-ed written by Amber Heard was released by The Washington Post. This op-ed all but named Depp as her longtime abuser and set off years of court appearances and millions of dollars in legal fees to both actors.

Depp initially went after the UK publication, The Sun, as they painted him as a “wife beater.” This print led to a court case where Depp would sue for defamation, though he lost that battle. He would then set his sights on Amber Heard and the writing of the op-ed that began this entire ordeal.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were locked in a legal battle from March 2022 to June 2022, resulting in Depp winning the defamation case against his ex-wife. He was initially awarded $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. That number was reduced to $350,000 per Virginia state law, landing at $10.35 million.

Amber Heard won one count of defamation herself, resulting in her being awarded $2 million. Though the case had been concluded, both parties would appeal the decisions, though nothing would come of it. In the end, Depp and Heard settled out of court for $1 million to be paid by Heard, which Depp would split up and send to five charities of his choosing.

While the case was ongoing, Johnny Depp was deep in his music. He left the court case early and joined legendary guitarist Jeff Beck on a tour in the UK. He also performed regularly with his band, Hollywood Vampires, which features legendary rockers Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

Alice Cooper revealed that while Depp was going through this court case, nobody truly cared.

Alice Cooper Says Johnny Depp Case Was “Blown out of Proportion”

alice cooper

While speaking to Vulture, Alice Cooper was asked about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. Naturally, his response aligned with what we would expect a musician to say while preparing for a tour with Depp. According to Cooper:

“I don’t think it was ever mentioned on the tour because nobody cared. I never watched a moment of the trials. It was so blown out of proportion. It was such a Hollywood thing. I knew Johnny was gonna win because how many people have other exes literally on their side testifying for him? That never happens. I turned it right off and said, ‘Well, you know, Johnny will weather this storm and when he’s onstage, he’s our guitar player.'”

Cooper was also asked if there was any hesitation to bring Depp on tour given the controversy surrounding the abuse allegations and the court proceedings that would follow. Cooper added:

“Not at all. If you talk to Johnny about it, it was something that happened. He was just like, “Yeah, yeah, what’s the next song?” For Johnny, it was one of those things where … you can’t say it got blown out of proportion, but I don’t know why they would televise the proceedings, right? It’s because of the fame of both people.”

It was a bit odd that this highly personal trial was broadcast to the world, but that is what happens when you reach the level of fame that Johnny Depp has. Before the abuse allegations surfaced, the man was part of the Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.

Depp likely did not want to discuss the trial or his career in any capacity while performing with Cooper and Perry, as music could be his safe haven. He doesn’t need to discuss the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood scene (or lack thereof) while on stage with his band.

Though everyone is still unsure if he will return to Disney, we imagine they would still work out a deal to get Depp back into the persona of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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At the very least, he still has his music career to fall back on. Hollywood Vampires are a popular group that tours worldwide, so if Johnny Depp never makes it back to the big screen, he can still play his guitar with some of the most legendary rock stars in music history.

What do you think of Alice Cooper saying the Johnny Depp case was blown out of proportion? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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