‘Frozen’ Close To Being Canceled Amid Josh Gad Change

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Josh Gad and Olaf

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The Frozen franchise has become one of the most popular and beloved movie series in the world, garnering more than $2.73 billion at the box office.

The Frozen franchise, created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with its magical storytelling, memorable characters, and catchy musical numbers. At the heart of the franchise are two central characters: Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, and Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell. These two talented actresses have brought depth, emotion, and relatability to their characters, contributing significantly to the franchise’s immense success. Of course, the talent continues beyond there.

Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2 in the woods
Credit: Disney

One of the standout characters in the franchise is Olaf the Snowman, portrayed brilliantly by Josh Gad. Olaf serves as a comedic and endearing sidekick, adding both warmth and humor to the Frozen films.

Josh Gad’s portrayal of Olaf has been a significant factor in the franchise’s success. His voice acting brings Olaf to life in a way that resonates with audiences of all ages. Gad’s comedic timing, expressive delivery, and charming personality shine through in every line Olaf delivers. He captures the childlike innocence and wonder of Olaf while also infusing the character with a sense of genuine emotion and depth.

Olaf’s character undergoes substantial growth throughout the Frozen films, particularly in Frozen II. In the sequel, Olaf explores themes of identity, change, and the passage of time, all while maintaining his signature sense of humor. Josh Gad’s performance allows the audience to connect with Olaf’s journey on a personal level, and he adeptly balances the character’s light-heartedness with the challenges he faces.

Olaf, played by Josh Gad, in 'Frozen II'
Credit: Disney

Gad’s involvement goes beyond the films themselves. He has embraced the role of Olaf in various promotional activities, interviews, and even theme park appearances, further endearing himself to fans. His genuine enthusiasm for the character and the franchise is evident, making him an excellent ambassador for the world of Frozen.

Because of the success the first two films saw– largely in part to the work of Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff– Disney announced that fans would be getting a third installment of the franchise. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the sequel would be coming in an announcement that included Toy Story 5 and Zootopia 2, but the timeline for its debut has not been announced, and with the ongoing strikes happening in Hollywood, it may be delayed even further.

Olaf Reenactments
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But, what if we told you all of that almost never happened?

In recently resurfaced comments, Frozen Co-Director Jennifer Lee shared that she nearly axed Olaf from existence.

“My first note was, ‘kill the Snowman,'” Lee said.

Lee shared that she was convinced on Olaf after the proposition of casting Josh Gad came to the table.

Elsa in 'Frozen'
Credit: Disney

While Frozen still has many characters who are central to the plot and canceling Olaf would not have stopped the movie from being made, it could’ve had a profound impact on the box office success the franchise ended up having. In addition, you have to wonder what the reception might have been as it’s clear Olaf became one of the — if not the– most popular character in the movies.

Without his comedy and the portrayal that Josh Gad brings to the character, who knows what would’ve happened to the Frozen franchise?

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