Florida Residents Criticize DeSantis, Disney, and Retirement

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Ron DeSantis shakes his finger in front of Disney Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom.

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After running an article that showed that as Governor Ron DeSantis changed Disney World, and Florida’s retirement suffered, many spoke out about the situation.

Both Florida residents and those planning their futures were open about their thoughts on the state of Disney- and pension-related matters.

Ron DeSantis with Mickey Mouse statue, Florida residents speak out
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Florida Retirement, Disney, and DeSantis

In the United States, there is a possibility for early retirement or cutting out at the normal retirement age. From employer contributions, to available health insurance subsidy, to a defined benefit plan, retirement style is as unique as the individual. One thing that remained, however, was the desire to spend the golden years in the Sunshine State.

Yet there are many concerns about the status of Florida retirement, especially when it comes to affordability, considering the average final compensation.

This comes even after Disney “checkmated” DeSantis, with the board begging to stop the expensive lawsuit. It shows the changing situation and the concern it causes Florida residents.

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Floridians’ Takes on DeSantis, Disney, and Retirement

Despite there being a pension plan within the normal Florida retirement system, many remain wary. These comments have been adjusted for brevity and grammar, but you can still find them in full here.

Many Floridians of past and present find retirement to be an unsure investment plan. There are many who have concerns about their retirement plan or creditable service, particularly with the recent spending and changes from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis grimaces while Mickey Mouse smiles in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort. Florida residents concerned about retirement.
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Florida Residents Worry about Cost

According to user Deb B., “I was born in South Florida and have lived here my entire life. However, now that I am 10 years away from retirement I don’t think I will be able to afford to stay here(…)”

Maria states, “My husband is 77 and has to go find a job because the cost for retirement is very expensive and the Social Security is not enough.”

Florida Residents Worry About Spending

In response to the FRS pension plan and spending, Me A., said, “Quick reminder that DeSantis spent over $2 million in taxpayer money for the migrant flights from Texas. He had $200 million of Florida retiree money invested in Russian companies before the Ukrainian conflict.”

Disney and DeSantis, laughing while Mickey Mouse looks scared, in front of Space Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort. Florida residents concerned
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Support for DeSantis and Florida Statute

On the other side of the camp are those who support the current state of Central Florida, approve of the human resources, employee contribution, and social security spending, and support the Florida governor.

Blaise C. noted, “I agree Disney is much-needed revenue. But, I do not believe what the Governor is making us aware of will not affect Disney to the point of leaving. I like DeSantis’ way (…)” This marks some of the more supportive comments from Florida residents who approve of the current governor.

Experts think DeSantis is Right about Disney
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Retirement in Florida Depends on the Person and Situation

Despite many commentators calling Governor DeSantis a “fascist,” many eligible employees continue to focus on their future pension benefit, with a view to retiring in the Sunshine State. While Disney brings in countless tax dollars and makes it more affordable, retirees appear to split over the state of retirement in Florida.

What do you think about Florida residents’ retirement? Make your mark in the comments below!

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