DeSantis Changes Disney World, Florida Retirement Suffers

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis smiles on as the Magic Kingom castle sits in the background with clouds rolling through and Space Mountain in the background

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As Governor Ron DeSantis makes changes to Disney World, Florida retirement suffers. This puts those who need it most in a unique place of special risk. Because of the average final compensation of retirees, it puts families and retirees under pressure.

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DeSantis, Disney, and the Dollar

Governor Ron DeSantis entered into a woke battle with Disney, yet the real hurt parties are the families with a loved one that suffer Florida statutes. Reports show that DeSantis uses money meant for Florida’s creditable service pension and placed it towards projects supported by his donors.

How DeSantis Proved His Focus

One of those tasks was finding a way to benefit his campaign while spending approximately $6.5 million (in costs alone) against the Walt Disney Company. However, this has two downsides that both mean Florida retirement suffers.

For one, a key retirement benefit of the Sunshine State was the weather and affordability. Disney was one of the primary earners for the state, yet as Disney World weakens, so does the Florida retirement system. Come retirement age, there is less security in the Sunshine State.

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Florida Retirement Suffers Without Disney

The loss of agency drives many to “The Villages,” a Floridian development known as a retirement plan and colloquially called “Florida’s Disney World.” The design is to be affordable with a monthly benefit from a pension fund.

It allows those with retirement savings a safe haven in the Sunshine State. Only this land is owned by one single individual: Gary Morse, per NPR. And while it grew from a humble 8,000 to 80,000, it still is a retirement community within Florida.

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It’s lucky for those who can use retirement savings to get a home in The Village. But for the rest of Florida retirees, recent news shows DeSantis actively looks away from their interests. Conversely, Disney is moving forward with plans for a retirement area to accommodate.

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DeSantis Spending Puts Many in Harm’s Way

$10 million of taxpayers’ funds went to the Cox Science Center and Aquarium, while many retirees struggle. Florida was meant to be a safe haven for retirement.

Disney World made it affordable and brought visitors from across the world. The government protected the most vulnerable and offered Florida residents a safe place to call home.

Now, because spending doesn’t represent constituents, Disney numbers are dropping, and DeSantis keeps going, seniors are the ones suffering. Whether from the United States or across the globe, Florida is a beacon for retirement; the hope is that it can maintain this status.

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