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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis smiles on as the Magic Kingom castle sits in the background with clouds rolling through and Space Mountain in the background

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  1. Chris

    Have only 2 choices. Support radical politics or support the State. Disney/attractions/beaches are major source of income. Little d is a narcissist and has No chance of being president. Pick your battles wisely. He didn’t.

    1. Philip

      That statement is hilarious. Disney picked the battle and threatened a law suit if Florida didn’t hand over their kids to them?

      1. Dayna

        Philip check again. They did not threaten a lawsuit or anything about kids. That’s just DeathSantis made up problems. He had yet to do anything to fix actual problems in the state. All he does is cater to his donors and screw the rest of us.

      2. Melvin

        That BS and you know it

      3. Trish

        What are you smoking?

      4. Byron

        Disney did not pick the battle. You should look at truth.
        Disney made a COMMENT. DeSantis did not like and started the, lawsuits, battle and the fight. Disney’s COMMENT did not change the passing of the legislation in question. As far as DeSantis he will never drop what he started like the dictator he is.

  2. DebB

    I was born in South Florida and have lived here my entire life. I have a home that I love on the water and feel blessed for it. However, now that I am 10 years away from retirement I don’t think I will be able to afford to stay here. Homeowners insurance is insane and taxes are just as bad. DeSantis cares more about his Presidential run than he does about running this State. Funny how his first 4 yrs as Governor he cared less about the extreme conservative agenda. Now he will do whatever it takes to get into the Oval Office, including destroying our State and the people in it. All you have to do is look at the spending of his Presidential campaign budget to understand why Florida is tanking.

    1. You are so right!!
      DeSantis is TOO busy with his presidential campaign than us in Florida!!

    2. Johnny Delrocco

      Proof your facts FL is tanking! Ron DeSantis isn’t the blame DebB for what propaganda your being sold!

  3. All lies, retirees who move to Florida do so because they planned a long time before DeSantis, also the woke war is a media smoke screen. The reedy creek contract was up and the state took control and Disney fights to keep it, the millions of dollars in taxes that Disney collects each year will now go to the state not the mouse…do you really think Disney would sue over free passes and a school your eyes it’s all about money, money money, dollars that will now go to benefit all the residents in the state including retirees. Florida now has the largest budget surplus in history, so I am ok with how tax dollars are spent in florida…you know who isn’t happy…all the Disney execs that aren’t pilfering state tax dollars any longer.

    1. Me, again

      Quick reminder that DeSantis spent over $2 million in tax payer money for the migrant flights from Texas. Also quick reminder, he had $200 million of Florida retiree money invested in Russian companies before the Ukrainian conflict blew up to what it is now. Anti-Florida, anti-business.

    2. Philip

      Exactly! It is so terrible down here that 1000 people a day are flocking here. Disney is destroying it self and if you find someone who can stop hurricanes from hitting the state, I will vote for them.

    3. Nadine

      All truth. The Disney group, as is their right, voiced an opinion against a bill that the dictator in training wanted passed. Ron wants everyone to be ordered to believe a certain way & not say Gay. Disney was against it and Ron’s feelings were hurt, prompting that part of the mess. Ron & wife only wants control and power.

    4. Johnny Delrocco

      You are 1000% spot on my friend!

    5. Byron

      You should check your facts before commenting.
      DISNEY PAID Florida state taxes, just like every other company, and city in the state.( power, roads, infrastructure, ect.)
      The taxes Disney collected went to the same stuff any other city uses taxes for. It did not go to Disney as you assume. Also if you have the biggest surplus in history, what is YOUR Governor doing with it?.
      Other states have had tax rebates sent back to them because of the surpluses.

  4. Maria

    Muy husband is 77 and has to go find a job because the cost for retirement in Florida is very, very , very expensive the Social Security is not anof 😔we can’t force have a car we walk to work .

  5. Ed

    The man DeSantis is a moronic person and he is going to kill Florida he doesn’t care about the people fo Florida just how much money he can put in his pocket

  6. Me, again

    Anti-Florida, anti-business, are you shocked that he doesn’t care about his constituents?

  7. Does anyone ever proof read these pieces before they go public! Poor grammar and poor sentence structure in parts!

  8. DJT luvsputin

    Douche-santis is a FRAUD!
    Lets go DISNEY!
    Let’s Go Biden 2024!
    Lock up orange inmate #P01135809…..

  9. Cindi

    Most of this is so poorly written it doesn’t even make any sense.

  10. J Parrino

    Imagine how many retirees would benefit from not sending BILLIONS to Ukraine !?

    1. Dayna

      Imagine how many retirees would benefit from not sending out money to Russian businesses.

  11. Joni

    I will never consider living in a place that approves of pretending our American history doesn’t exist.

  12. Sandi

    Would not retire to Florida as long as it remains a fascist state.

  13. Blaise Castelli

    I agree Disney is much needed revenue
    But, I do not believe what the Governor is making us aware of will not affect Disney to the point of leaving .
    I like DeSantis way of bringing g into light , or in the case of MARTHA’S VINYARD, AT YOUR DOOR , IN YOUR FACE!

  14. DJT luvsputin

    Douche-santis is a FRAUD!!!

  15. DJT luvsputin

    Douche-santis needs to go. He has no chance for President.
    Lets Go Biden 2024!

  16. DJT luvsputin

    Douchesantis needs to go. He has no chance for President.
    Lets Go Biden 2024!

  17. Jason

    Why can’t I see the comments

  18. Y. Dowdy

    How can he use retirement money??
    That isn’t right. It is called stealing retirement money.
    Many people in Florida have discovered that it is his way or the highway. On these boards he appoints only people that concurs to his agendas.

  19. Mark Brocker

    DeSantis is a moron. The Department of Economic Development has been screwed up for years and hurts the needy in the state.

  20. Philip

    Exactly! It is so terrible down here that 1000 people a day are flocking here. Disney is destroying it self and if you find someone who can stop hurricanes from hitting the state, I will vote for them.

  21. But doesn’t Disney paying more in taxes make up for some of this

    1. Joe

      You voted for him.
      You got him.
      Enjoy him.

  22. Al

    Like most politicians de santis is bad for Americans

  23. Ed


  24. verna flood panaccio

    I used to love Florida. My father was one of the original residents in The Villages. BUT I will not visit the state while deSantis is still governor. He’s destroying the state.

  25. Joe

    No one to blame but yourself. You voted for him.

  26. Quad

    Inflation is hurting seniors more than any policy in Florida. Sure inflation is going down now but that doesn’t mean prices are going backward. The only way for prices to return to previous levels is by deflation and that is not happening. So now it costs more for building supplies and labor to rebuild damage by well over 15% from 2 years ago. You want lower insurance premiums but if costs go up due to inflation then premiums must follow. Florida is hurricane alley, so we have a lot of damage every year. DeSantis is a dork but he isn’t responsible for inflation. Look to our current Administration in DC for the financial issues our seniors are dealing with.

  27. Brian

    If Florida is so bad why are people from NY/NJ coming down and paying 20-40% over listing price for houses with cash? Gas prices have alot to do with the inflation but this administration’s solution is electric cars. Where do they think the energy will come from to power these cars as they continue to shut down coal? The minerals for the batteries for the cars being mined by 5 year old’s in Uganda is fine though. We have enough oil in Alaska for 300 years. It doesn’t have to be like this.

  28. Joel

    He hasn’t “made changes to Disney World”. The only changes the state could make are over the former RCID who were apparently breaking many laws. I realize you are desperate to criticize Ron but try to be honest.

  29. Rob

    Desantis wants to protect our children. Disney should have stood by him for this. Families spend thousands on Disney vacations. Remove Disney employees who are against children’s safety. Bring the Disney magic bad. No Men in Dresses. That’s disgusting

  30. Trish

    I really have no sympathy for the retirees as the majority of them voted for him, and continue to vote GOP.

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