Fan-Favorite Holiday Attraction Returning to Universal Studios

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The entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood decorated for holiday festivities

Credit: Universal Studios

After years of Guests begging for it to return, Universal Studios Holywood is bringing back a fan-favorite holiday-themed attraction for a limited time.

The Grinch and Max the dog posing in front of a Christmas Tree
Credit: Universal Studios

Universal Studios loves going all out for the holidays. Not only are there plenty of decorations and festive tunes, but Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort go all-in on Grinchmas, an event surrounding everyone’s favorite Christmas grouch. On top of that, Universal Studios Japan brings the magic with Pokemon and Nintendo-themed parades.

However, Universal Parks have one major obstacle standing in their way during the most festive time of the year: Disney. While the offerings at Universal are fantastic, nothing can compete with the magic of Christmas at Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort. Fortunately, Universal Studios has its own peak period of dominance: Halloween Horror Nights.

The Christmas scene from H.R. Bloodengutz at Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: Halloween Horror Nights Wiki

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While Disney brings in families for holiday festivities, their Halloween events are nothing compared to the horrifying happenings over at Universal Theme Parks. And this year, Universal Studios Hollywood is bringing back a fan-favorite haunted house that “celebrates” every major US holiday at once: Holidayz in Hell.

‘Holidayz In Hell’ Returns to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Holidayz in Hell poster featuring The Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam, and Santa Claus
Credit: Unviersal Studios

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Holidayz in Hell is the most recently announced original maze at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. It is meant to represent every single major holiday in the United States. However, it actually debuted in the Park five years ago as an original Scare Zone.

Going by the same name, the Scare Zone featured multiple different holiday horrors wandering around at the same time, including Krampus, Mrs. Claus, Cupid, the Easter Bunny, Turkey Lurkey, Father Time, a Leprechaun, Uncle Sam, a skeleton representing Dias de los Muertos, an undead man and woman celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and a sheet ghost for Halloween. The zone was incredibly popular, prompting the creatives behind the scene to expand the zone into a maze.

Concept art for the Holidayz in Hell house from Halloween Horror Nights: Uncle Sam brandishing a knife, Satan Claus with an axe, and the Leprechaun with a club
Credit: John Murdy Twitter

A year later, in 2019, Holidayz in Hell debuted as a maze, taking Guests through an entire year of holidays. While most of the characters returned, the ones representing Dia de los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo were cut alongside the sheet ghost. On top of that, Krampus and Mrs. Claus were removed in favor of Satan Claus, a demonic version of Santa.

The maze was an even bigger hit than the Scare Zone, with frequent Hollywood Guests happy that they got an original maze on par with what is seen at Universal Studios Florida. That also meant they were sad when they had to see it go.

Fortunately, Holidayz in Hell is returning in 2023 and is being declared a “fear-long celebration.” The official Halloween Horror Nights website describes the house: “From New Year’s Eve to Thanksgiving, your favorite holidays to celebrate with your friends are going to Hell. ‘Tis the season to scream in this holiday nightmare. The scarier, the merrier.”

Concept Art for Holidayz in Hell at Halloween Horror Nights: Turkey Lurkey, Cupid with blood-soaked-arrows, and the Easter Bunny holding a bat
Credit: John Murdy Twitter

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While it may be disappointing that an older maze is returning instead of something new and original, there is still a reason to be excited. One of the best houses at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood last year was La Llorona, which has been featured multiple times throughout the years and continued to improve each time it came back. Hopefully, Holidayz in Hell will follow the same pattern.

Holidayz in Hell joins other original mazes this year, like Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin AmericaTerror Tram: The Exterminatorz, and Universal Monsters: Unmasked. Hollywood will also feature an exclusive haunted house based on Evil Dead Rise (2023).

What Halloween Horror Nights house would you like to see return? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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