Walt Disney World Resort Swarmed by Police and K-9 Units

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Riviera Resort in Walt Disney World

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A Guest has recounted a mysterious incident that took place at Disney’s Riviera Resort earlier this week.

The newest hotel at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort opened in 2019. It’s inspired by the European travels of Walt Disney himself, incorporating details found in the the French and Italian Riviera as well as classic Disney touches such as murals from films such as Tangled (2010).

Mickey Mouse raises his hands in greeting outside the Riviera
Credit: Disney

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As described on the Walt Disney World website, the Riviera is supposed to be one of Disney’s most elegant resorts.

Disney’s Riviera Resort is designed to capture the magic of Europe that Walt Disney fell in love with once upon a time.

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed home by a palm tree-lined boulevard and the striking façade of this Resort hotel. From the grand archways and porticos to the tower and terraces, Disney’s Riviera Resort is a modern masterpiece of imagination, with each detail drawing upon the influences of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Elegance awaits you inside. The main lobby is appointed with a mix of modern and classic 20th-Century furnishings. You’ll also discover a unique art collection celebrating beloved Disney Characters and icons, influenced by master artists who found inspiration along the European Riviera.

As one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts, this kind of European luxury comes with a hefty price tag. Nights at the hotel typically start at $504 per room, while the biggest villas can reach up to $4,500.

Riviera Resort exterior at nighttime
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Of course, the benefits of paying a Disney premium include early theme park entry and the convenience of staying right next door to some of your favorite theme parks. For those at the Riviera Resort, that means direct access to the Skyliner, which takes guests over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and International Gateway at EPCOT.

While guests certainly get their money’s worth at the resort, sometimes there are tiny details that even Disney can’t control. As one guest at the hotel recounted on Reddit, scary and mysterious incidents can still very much happen while on Disney property.

User UCFKFC was at the Riviera at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday August 17 when they saw sheriffs and K-9 units swarm the deluxe hotel.

“[I] was at the Riviera around 2/2.30 and there were sheriffs out with several Disney security with dogs,” they wrote. “A lot of higher-ups and managers were out there too with the cops and there’s a portion of the lobby that is covered by the cart that they keep looking into and talking over.”

Two young guests at the Riviera Resort in Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

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What exactly a combination of police, security, and hotel managers were looking for is unknown. However, the user also spotted “a canine walking around the whole property smelling around outside with a second sheriff observing the canine as well.”

Another Walt Disney World Resort guest confirmed that their friend witnessed something similar happen at Disney’s Riviera Resort that same day.

As one user pointed out, the most likely explanation is that “there was a suspicious package. The dogs were likely bomb sniffing dogs. They probably didn’t hit on anything and that’s why there was no evacuation.”

Whatever the reason behind the incident, it’s good to know that Disney had such a prompt response and is equipped to deal with anything serious that could happen at the resort.

Have you ever witnessed anything strange at a Disney theme park or resort? Let us know in the comments!

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