Multiple “Pickpocketing” Incidents Reported on Iconic Disneyland Ride

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Pickpocketing at an iconic Disneyland ride? A recent social media post reported multiple incidents in a matter of minutes.

The Happiest Place on Earth cannot always be perfect, no matter how hard Disney officials, cast members, and all teams work for it. From rides breaking down to unpleasant interactions with Disney characters, violent brawls between parkgoers, theft, and other unpleasant incidents, guests have recently taken to social media to share their less-than-magical experiences when visiting Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park
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Disneyland cast members always try to go above and beyond, even risking their health to ensure every guest has the best experience when visiting the parks.

Unfortunately, some situations are out of cast members’ hands, as was the case of a recent “pickpocketing” report shared online. And no, this wasn’t the infamous street rat Aladdin’s handiwork.

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Redditor u/plantmonstery recently shared their disbelief after realizing that an iconic Disneyland ride was the stage of at least three “pickpocketing” incidents during their visit to Disneyland Park. And imagine their shock after learning that the responsible for the multiple losses wasn’t another guest but Disney Imagineers and, well, the ride itself.

User u/plantmonstery posted: “I decided to go on the Matterhorn not too long ago. When it was my turn to hop in a bobsled, the person in front of me found a lost cell phone in their seat. She gave it to a cast member. ‘Meh it happens’ I thought. So the ride starts, goes fine, and we get back to the station. There I see a man waiting for my bobsled to arrive because he had lost a different cell phone on it, apparently in my seat. I reach down and sure enough find lost phone #2 in the crack between the seat and the bobsled frame. I start to hand it to him but the man says it’s not his, he’s apparently looking for lost phone #3, so I hand it to the cast member waiting with the guy instead.”

Disneyland's Matterhorn
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The shocked parkgoer humorously deemed the beloved Disney attraction “Matterhorn, Consumer of Phones” after witnessing three phones being pickpocketed by the Matterhorn Bobsleds while riding. The user asked fellow Redditors, “How many phones does this ride eat?? It’s so bumpy I would imagine it can shake things out of pockets, but jeez. Any CMs happen to know if this is the most phone thirsty ride in the park?”

While no cast member, or any user for that matter, shared an accurate response to the parkgoer’s question, many took the opportunity to share their losses while visiting Walt Disney’s original resort.

Redditor u/rcdvg shared, “At least the ride keeps its phone consumption inside of the ride vehicle versus outside of it like on goofys sky school over at DCA haha.” And u/HuyFongFood added, “Yeah, Goofy’s ate my new Disney Dad hat and spit it out….somewhere. It was the last day of our trip at least, but still. Not cool.”

Indiana Jones Adventure, iconic Disney ride finally restored at Disneyland Park
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Redditor u/ConstantineTheFrog shared their experience during a recent Disneyland trip. “The very first ride we went on was Indiana Jones, and the jeep showed no mercy lol. My brother’s brand new phone, which he got days before the trip, was flung right out as he didn’t secure it correctly.” The Redditor added that their brother was able to retrieve their phone from Lost and Found a few hours later, but that, “needless to say when he rode Matterhorn and other notorious device eaters he tucked the phone waaaay down in his bag.”

Many fellow Redditors and Disney coaster enthusiasts shared their tips when riding intense rides to ensure they don’t lose their belongings, from wearing “zipper-closing cargo shorts” like u/TheVoicesOfBrian to simply using the storage pocket on all Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure attractions.

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User u/notyourharley even suggested using multiple strategies at the same time. “On my last trip Matterhorn was closed, but on Thunder Mountain I tucked my phone on my bag, and then had the straps of my bag wrapped around my legs, with the bag itself pinned between my ankles and the mine cart. I was taking no chances”

Have you ever lost an item aboard a Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure ride? Tell Inside the Magic about your experience in the comments below!

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