Disneyland Theft Thwarted as Adults Steal Toy From Child’s Stroller

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The sun sets over the Millennium Falcon at Hollywood Studios' Galaxy's Edge

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A fortunate Guest prevented an incident of Disneyland theft during a recent visit to the Southern California Disney Parks.

Frustrated parent u/Big-Dragonfruit6075 recently visited Disneyland Resort with their three children as an end-of-school-year celebration. They purchased each child a $40 lightsaber from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, an extra-emotional gift that reminded them of something their late grandmother would have bought.

After purchasing the lightsabers, the Guests headed to Fantasyland to ride Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. After the ride, the Guest returned to grab water bottles while their family got in line for another attraction.

“I noticed our lightsabers were gone, but then almost immediately after realizing they were gone saw the exact 3 colors we bought under the stroller of a family who was standing next to ours,” they wrote. “I locked eyes with who I think was the sister of the mom standing at the stroller with our lightsabers and could tell she knew that I knew.”

Guests raising more expensive lightsabers, but similar in shape to the ones stolen in the Disneyland theft.
Credit: Disney

“I asked if there was any way they accidentally took those lightsabers that were clearly ours,” the Guest recalled. “They spouted out a couple of stories of how it was a mistake and gave them back. In retrospect I probably could have reported them but in the moment I really just wanted to get them back and move on.”

“I feel like my kids lost some innocence through all of this, and I feel like I did too,” they concluded. “It’s always been reassuring to feel a sense of community at Disneyland that you could leave things and people would respect it. This event will change my behavior at the park in the future and that’s a bummer for me.”

Thefts are uncommon but not unheard of at Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. It’s best not to leave valuables in your stroller or unattended. Each Disney Park offers locker rentals to keep any large items safe!

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