Adult Guest Asserts Right to Pee in Cup at Disneyland, “I Paid for Your Paycheck”

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A Disneyland guest looks angry while sitting in a chair surrounded by security cast members.

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For most guests, Disneyland Resort is still The Happiest Place on Earth. But the uptick in violent and otherwise despicable behavior at the Disney Parks is impossible to ignore.

Whether it’s the post-COVID jitters, rising prices, or suffocating crowds, something is negatively impacting Disney Resort guests. And their misbehavior then dampens other families’ Disneyland Resort vacations.

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Following the popularity of videos of Disneyland influencer spats and Walt Disney World Resort brawls, TikTokers are going viral sharing previously covered incidents of inappropriate behavior at the Disney Parks.

This week, TikToker @shitz._n._giggles reshared a 2021 video of a woman escorted out of Disneyland Resort for publicly urinating in a cup. The resurfaced clip went viral, gaining an entirely new audience:


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“I have a bad bladder,” the woman said. “I don’t think you understand what women’s bladders are all about, but I really have a bad bladder, and there’s no reason for you to justify me or judge me.”

“I’m not judging you, ma’am,” the Disney Security Cast Member responded.

The guest asked for the manager, but the employee notified her she was already speaking to one. He remained level-headed but firm throughout the conversation.

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“I’m asking you to leave property for your actions and behavior,” the Disney Cast Member continued.

The guest agreed to leave but argued that there was nothing wrong with her behavior. She claimed she was a speech therapist and often had to urinate in cups at work because she didn’t have time to “commute to the bathroom.”

“I needed to urinate,” she proclaimed. “…I literally have to urinate in a cup because I don’t have time… I cannot believe you’re judging me.”

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The guest still claimed she would leave but complained about the hour-long trip home and demanded to speak to another manager.

“I went to Aulani, to Hawaii, in April,” she said. “I pay for your paycheck… Just so you know, I’m not a freeloader.”

After sorting out her ride home, the guest left Disneyland Resort.

Despite the clip’s age, Disney Parks fans who hadn’t seen the video were shocked.

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“There’s so many bathrooms there what,” @elbrasher wrote.

“I think the longest I’ve had to wait for a bathroom at Disneyland is 3 min,” @sweetcalmom agreed.

“That is not Disneyland behavior,” said @butterbert.

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