Bacterial Infection Spreads From Drinking Disney World Water

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Whether it’s at Disneyland in California or the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the environment of a Disney Park plays a pivotal role in the overall experience. The Disney Imagineers are the undisputed champions of sensory manipulation, and their ingenuity has evolved to the point that certain stimuli have become iconic to hardcore fans.

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Disney’s “Park Water” or “Pirate Water” is one of the most recognizable scents, according to the fanbase. However, recent reports have shown Guests getting far too friendly with the source of this pleasant aroma, which might be more dangerous than they think.

Dead Guests and Bacteria Plague Disney World Water


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Even without the possibility of flesh-eating bacteria and tetanus infections, consuming any kind of public or standing water is hardly ever a good idea. While the TikTok above does list quite a few reasons to avoid consuming the water in Disney’s attractions, it only scratches the surface.

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Along with the brain-eating amoebas and people’s ashes floating beneath the surface, Disney also uses a wide variety of chemicals to treat their water. The distinct odor that comes from rides like Pirates of the Caribbean or the now-defunct Splash Mountain is due to the heavy use of bromine.

Pirate skeleton scene from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction
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Similar to chlorine, bromine is a common cleansing chemical used in water features. However, overexposure could result in severe health risks. A splash or two on Pirates of the Caribbean might be harmless, but literally drinking it could be toxic.

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Consuming bromine in any concentration can have serious health risks. In fact, the CDC warns about the long term effects of exposure to the chemical.

The statement reads,

Swallowing bromine-containing compounds (combinations of bromine with other chemicals) would cause different effects depending on the compound. Swallowing a large amount of bromine in a short period of time would be likely to cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting (gastrointestinal symptoms).

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Like so many stupid stunts that appear on social media, Guests visiting the Disney Parks are advised not to engage in destructive behavior. Regulations are put in place for a reason, and getting violently ill can easly take the magic out of your stay.

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