Guest “Tricked” by Disney Cast Member, Purchases Expired Tickets to Disney World

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Imagine getting scammed by an actual Disney Cast Member agent over the phone as you attempt to purchase Disney World tickets for yourself and your loved ones. This situation might have happened to a woman who posted her story on Reddit. As always, Redditors came to the rescue with advice on how to proceed from this mess.

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Reddit – The Place for Everyone to Share Their Stories, Including Disney World Stories

The digital landscape, especially platforms like Reddit, serves as an expansive avenue for numerous narratives. We’ve delved into occurrences within renowned destinations such as Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando Resort. Some of these episodes unveil truly extraordinary and disturbing events, leaving Guests affected by unexpected situations. These tales often feel familiar, such as the one involving a pair of mysterious individuals at Disney World who approached a Guest, offering help because she was visibly intoxicated, leading to discomfort for an onlooking observer.

Another account shares an alleged incident where a supposed Disney Cast Member was entangled in a disagreement with a Universal Team Member within the confines of Universal Orlando Resort. Amidst the assortment of personal stories, one particularly gripping narrative emerges: a Disney Guest recounts the heart-stopping moment when her children went missing after a mesmerizing fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.

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Let’s not overlook a tale that stirred up anger and concern—a father’s aggressive actions towards his young children within EPCOT. A vigilant onlooker stepped in, alerting Disney authorities and ending the unsettling episode. The Redditor, accompanied by their spouse and children, bore witness to this profoundly distressing occurrence. The situation escalated, so one child’s sunglasses fell off during the altercation.

You can envision Reddit as a treasure trove of authentic information and firsthand anecdotes from individuals who have lived through them. It has become a digital hub where ardent Disney fans gather to exchange fascinating encounters and gripping tales. In specific subreddits like r/Disney and r/WaltDisneyWorld, enthusiasts spanning all experience levels – from seasoned park veterans to those embarking on their inaugural visit – can connect and participate.

In a recent post from this subreddit page, a woman tells the story of her attempt at speaking with someone from Disney World in hopes of getting tickets for her and her loved ones. It did not go as planned.

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Woman Tricked by Disney Cast Member

The woman’s story goes as follows:

We were planning a one day/ one night trip (FL residents, non-renewed season passes b/c baby, wanted to go down one weekend this spring to meet some family for a night and day anyway).

We booked over the phone because we were on a car trip, so my wife and I spoke to the agent together.

When it came time to buy the tickets, the agent suggested we upgrade to 4 day florida explorer tickets that were good for a year, rather than the one day park hoppers we were trying to buy. We thought- fun- we’ll go back this fall or something and use the other three days. We confirmed this plan with the agent, he said year they’re good for a year.

Well, I noticed today that they expired four days after first use. I’ve been an idiot before and may be my fault here, although we never would have willingly bought these tickets for a one day trip.

I called, asked another agent for some help, and was pretty much told I’m SOL.

Is the recourse here just learn from my mistakes? Was there ever actually a pass like that that existed?

Other folks joined the conversation and assisted this Guest in navigating this rare and unusual issue. Disney Cast Members are trained to produce quality customer service, especially for folks looking to visit WDW. The woman might have mistakenly bought tickets that would expire soon, but she was only following the instructions given out by the supposed professional here, a Disney CM. She was told she would have at least 12 months to use her remaining tickets, so she should be able to get a refund or at least be able to use those tickets later this year or next.

What are your thoughts about this? Is the woman at fault here, or is the Disney Cast Member? Sound off in the comments below. 

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