Bob Iger Has Shut Down Anticipated Disney Live-Action Remake

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Disney has been raking in the proverbial dough with its live-action remakes, and the company has shown no signs of stopping. Despite the money made in these ventures, it appears CEO Bob Iger has a different idea about what will be successful, and he has completely shut down an anticipated live-action remake.

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Ever since Iger returned to be the CEO of Disney, he has made some tough decisions, which include layoffs, cancelations, and stopping money from being funneled to unnecessary ventures. He has been adamant about righting the ship, including pausing or slowing down Star Wars and Marvel projects. This was an incredibly shocking announcement considering both companies are some of the biggest earners on the entertainment side of things.

Disney has also been struggling on the animation front. However, Pixar’s newest offering in Elemental has so far been the surprise out of the company’s last few animated bombs like Strange World and Lightyear.

The House of Mouse has not been in the best situation, and the current strikes are likely putting even more stress on show business, which Bob Iger now has to pivot to combat. One way he is choosing to pivot is by announcing what movies will be focused on. During a recent earnings call, Iger even stated that the company would rely on proven franchises like Toy Story and Frozen.

This reliance on proven franchises has also led to some other movies being shot down, including a highly anticipated live-action remake.

Bob Iger Reportedly Shoots Down ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Remake

Per One Take News and TheDisInsider, Bob Iger is reportedly canceling the live-action remake of Huncback of Notre Dame. He is also reportedly not a fan of the original animated film, which is why he has chosen not to allow Disney to move forward with adapting this beloved story into a live-action format.

There have only been rumblings and rumors that Disney aimed to remake this animated classic, but that might no longer matter. It is quite a bummer, as Hunchback of Notre Dame contains some of the best songs. It would have also been interesting to see what director would have landed this story.

Per the YouTube video, the script was described as “flawless.” Despite the excitement from the idea and the initial announcement going back to 2014, this live-action remake is no longer moving forward. There was a lot of star power behind the adaptation like Josh Gad being tapped to produce and star.

Sadly, it appears that Bob Iger has shut down the idea of a Hunchback of Notre Dame live-action remake simply because he is not a fan of the 1990s animated venture. The remake being scrapped could also be because Disney has a packed schedule of remakes that includes Hercules, Moana, Aristocats, Lilo & Stich, and the newly announced Tangled remake. We would argue that many of those have the potential to certainly beat out the more obscure remake of Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Things can change in the future, especially if and when the strikes finally conclude. There is always a possibility that Disney changes gears and continues its dominance of remakes, which have grossed over $6.5 billion, but we will all have to wait to see what Iger plans for next.

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