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Bob Iger

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  1. Marc


    1. Definitely I agree we need more Animation now

  2. Jacob Allen

    That is an outrage! >:( I want the live action remake to happen for “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

  3. Alex

    Sequel to Zootopia

  4. RobInCA

    Good decision. Hunchback had zero chance of being financially successful because it’s not a 4 quadrant film. The original was not super popular on the first place, despite being one of the best…

  5. Alex

    Stop doing bad remakes that changes the original, it’s disrespecfull. Do new stories instead will the new messages you want to pass.

  6. Cs

    So sad that disney can not come up with any new ideas and has to make live action movies of their animated classics. The mouse has no more originality left it seems

  7. Kari Johnson

    I agree… remake the film would simply change the style of animation…and I think might offend certain people…this was a risky choice of plot in the first place…and only successful because of major changes in the original story. Please stop remaking beautiful animated movies and find new tell. Want some ideas? I have a few…

  8. Brosia

    Sad to hear this. I think this would be a great live action remake. Just thinking of the Festival of Fools in the streets of Paris is exhilarating! Maybe a cameo of Ratatouille’s great, great + grandfather cooking in a booth…. I hope they change their mind!

  9. Phillip

    That’s the only live-action Disney remake I was looking forward to. Once again, Mr Iger ignores the fans of the Mouse House to progress on what he thinks makes Disney tick, only to get it wrong and incur massive financial losses for the studio.

  10. YouKnowWho

    Elemental was/is still a flop.

  11. Tee

    Stop making remakes. Have they list all creative talents with the ability to create new stories? There are still a lot of Hans Christian Anderson stories that haven’t been made yet. Do new….. not remakes

  12. Jacob

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame was pretty much the only movie I’ve been interested in seeing a remake of from Disney. Congratulations Bob. You can’t do a single thing right. #JusticeforEsmeralda

  13. Deni

    I think all of them should be shut down please try to be creative make new stories make new characters. You can do this, Disney think outside of the box quit repaper in the box.

  14. Bob

    It totally has nothing to do with the fact that Disney has been bombing all year and people are getting increasingly tired of creatively bankrupt live action remake, and everything to do with Iger simply not liking Hunchback.

  15. Nigel

    I’m glad. Remakes and sequels were always against the wishes of Walt Disney as they show a serious lack of imagination and he wanted his company to be all about imagination and magic. Plus, they need to realize that part of the reason their movies flop is the inclusion of subject matter that sghould NOT be in a family film.

  16. As a stockholder, I welcome some hard, but necessary decisions to cut some projects in lew of a changing demographic in both theateractical as well streaming, in a post pandemic world. I still think that this is good opportunity to create some fresh new IP’s! The audience is craving something new and Disney is still the home for new ideas when thay are alowed to just be creative, with a positive simple message!

  17. efdsds


  18. Does no one have any imagination anymore? Why not King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table? Jack and the Beanstalk? You have so few with male protagonists. Not that I have anything against princesses. How about one with an African based story line? Native Americans? There’s a lot more than Pocahontas. Lewis & Clark?

  19. Sam

    He could not find a black hunch back

  20. Jim

    Bob Iger should be replaced all he cares about is all the money he is making and nothing else.

  21. Ricardo D'artist

    This ship is sinking bob because you made the holes in the first place!

  22. LinckG

    If Disney argued morals that matched the majority of this nation, they’d be rolling out hit after hit. Instead they’ve been pushing their own agenda which coincides with the loud minority. It’s really simple. Do you want to sell tickets and streaming subscriptions to a niche part of the country/ world, or the majority? It’s not about boycotts. It’s about convincing people to spend money.

    1. LinckG

      Oops, adopted, not argued.

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