Adam Driver To Replace Robert De Niro in Highly Anticipated Sequel

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Adam Driver as Kylo Ren unmasked

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There aren’t many actors that can be counted as prestigious as Robert De Niro. He has portrayed hugely influential characters such as Travis Bickel in Taxi Driver (1976), James Conway in Goodfellas (1990), Vito Corleone in The Godfather (1972), and Neil McCauley in Heat (1995). Though no one can replace De Niro, Adam Driver is set to take on a role that De Niro once inhabited.

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Adam Driver is an outstanding actor in his own right. Though most fans know him as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars universe, he has also been making waves with his other roles. He recently starred as Maurizio Gucci in House of Gucci (2021) and Mills in 65. Driver has been garnering huge roles, even landing two Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor in Black KkKlansman (2018) and Best Actor in Marriage Story (2019). Driver was also recently attached to the role of Reed Richards in the new Fantastic Four movie.

The man is also set to star in Ferarri as Enzo Ferarri, the new film detailing the life of the famous luxury car creator. Michael Mann is set to direct the film and has already grown to be a big fan of Adam Driver, so much so that Mann is attempting to get Driver into an anticipated sequel for one of his best films.

Michael Mann directed Heat, which was released back in 1995. The action drama starred the previously mentioned Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Tom Sizemore, and Val Kilmer. As far as 1990s casts are concerned, this is stacked. Mann also wrote a novel that details the lives of his characters from Heat past the first movie, which is now being turned into a film.

The novel acts as a sequel and prequel, showcasing how the characters, such as Robert De Niro’s Neil, became who they became. While Mann is attempting to make Heat 2 into a film next, he is eyeing Adam Driver to take over De Niro’s character.

‘Heat 2’ to Feature Adam Driver as Neil McCauley

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@Mannfacts states:

In a new video with Variety, Michael Mann confirsm that he wants to cast Adam Driver as Neil McCauley in Heat 2.

The above video is part of Variety’s new cover story with Michael Mann, where he discusses his career, Ferarri, and his plans for Heat 2. While the novel he wrote acts as the sequel, which will be turned into the sequel/prequel film, it appears he might be focusing more on the prequel elements.

This is because Robert De Niro’s Neil dies in Heat (sorry for the 30-year-old spoiler). Neil comes face to face with his own mortality after he breaks his own rules, resulting in his death. Mann did go into detail about this fact and how Neil in Heat 2 would be more about how the character was shaped from being in the foster care system at an early age. According to Mann:

“In the prequel, I don’t want them to be the same people that they are in the movie. I want them to be very different. It’s what befalls them — the conflicts, the tragedies that happen to them — that made them into the people they are.”

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are far too old to play their younger counterparts, but there would need to be someone stepping in their place who has the same acting prowess. Pacino also named Timothee Chalamet as his replacement.

Pacino could still appear as his older self in the sequel, though Val Kilmer would not join him. At the end of Heat, Kilmer’s Chris Shiherlis also makes it out alive. However, Kilmer can no longer speak after a bout with throat cancer. He was brought back in Top Gun: Maverick, but his voice was created via AI technology. 

We are unsure if Michael Mann would do the same to allow Kilmer to reprise his role as Shiherlis, but at least someone younger can take his place in the prequel, setting up how he becomes part of Neil’s crew. 

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Mann has stated that he hopes to make Heat 2 after Ferarri, though he also understands that it might be out of his control. Should he be allowed to do so, and Adam Driver takes on the role of Neil McCauley from Robert De Niro, Timothee Chalamet replaces Al Pacino, and someone equally as great replaces Val Kilmer—this sequel will be incredible.

What do you think of Adam Driver replacing Robert De Niro for Heat 2? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!



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