8-Year-Old Boy Lets Venomous Spider Bite Him to Become Spider-Man

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In a moment that proves parents need to keep track of their children, a young boy let himself be bitten by a venomous spider so he could become Spider-Man. And the results were nasty.

Miles Morales (left), Peter B. Parker (middle), and Spider-Gwen (right)
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Without a doubt, Spider-Man is the most popular Marvel superhero ever. The Web-Slinger remains the most successful superhero at the box office and is constantly being reinvented to bring in new fans. Whether you started with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, or even Miles Morales in the Spider-Verse movies, you can’t help but love the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

One of the things that makes Spider-Man so great is his reliability. He’s not a billionaire or some muscular adonis. He’s a dorky kid, just like most Marvel Comics fans. Naturally, kids want to be just like Peter Parker or any of the other Spider-People, but some things are better left alone.

Boy Made a Black Widow Bite Him to Become Spider-Man

Peter Parker being bitten by the radioactive spider in Spider-Man
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As we all know by now, Peter Parker/Miles Morales/Gwen Stacy all got their powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider. It’s a very rare occurrence that is hard, nay, impossible to repeat. Unfortunately, one 8-year-old child wanted to get his powers sooner rather than later.

The boy in question was walking around the town of Vichuloma in Bolivia. He searched for the spider under a stone and put it on the back of his hand to provoke it. Unbeknownst to him, this was a Black Widow, a common venomous spider known to kill young children. The boy then captured it in a glass and took it home.

Three hours later, he began to experience body aches and intense muscle contractions. His mother quickly took him to the hospital, where he was treated. This story was confirmed by Ernesto Vásquez, head of the Zoonotic Diseases Program of the Departmental Health Service of Oruro, who confirmed and treated the bite. The boy recovered and is doing well.

Black Widow Spider
Credit: James Gathany via Wikimedia Commons

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“The child, without considering the risks, picked it up [and] placed it on the back of his palm where the arachnid made the bite,” said Vásquez. “We are extremely concerned because the analysis and questions asked to the child when he had already recovered indicate that he picked up the arachnid with a simple purpose—that he wanted to become Spider-Man.”

This is not the first time this has happened in Bolivia. In 2020, three boys, ages 8, 10, and 12, provoked a Black Widow wanting to become Spider-Man. Fortunately, all three of them also wound up safe.

Vásquez also wanted to make it clear that parents need to communicate with their children what is real and what is fiction, especially when they are under 11 years of age. “These black spiders with red backs are black widows,” he continued. “They do not cause anyone to become Spider-Man—on the contrary, they are putting lives at risk.” So please, don’t try to be Spider-Man. And parents, keep an eye on your kids.

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