Smoke Warning Impacts Travel, Burns Disney’s Last Lifeline

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Where there is fire there is smoke. And Disney is about to lose its lifeline as a recent smoke warning hurts travel plans for many.

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Smoke Disney Guests Expect

People travel from across the world to see Disneyland in California, and they usually expect both amazing Walt Disney World shows and a designated smoking area. So, there is some smoke Disney can handle. Yet with the humidity and smog levels already in Hollywood, the California theme park has a much more powerful enemy than its Florida, Walt Disney World counterpart: fire.

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Disney fires occur regularly but are usually limited to individual rides. From Palm Springs to smoking areas around Disneyland and the other Walt Disney World Resort areas; there is a Disney smoke theme. Yet the blazing wildfires are causing Disneyland Resort a big headache, and it’s damaging Disneyland’s chances of seeing real theme park success.

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Smoke Warning: Disney Air Unfit for Travel for Those With Breathing Issues

The wildfire in California that prompted evacuations is only a short hour and a half from Anaheim. This is indicative of a couple of things, according to the report. First, there is significant smoke in the air, right near Disneyland. It puts California in a position where the Walt Disney Resort would have to comply with any fire bans at Disney Park. The same applies to all Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney Productions that are ongoing in Hollywood.

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California, and its Proposition 65, ensure that any Disneyland Park guest is well aware of the risks associated with chemicals through comprehensive signage. Paired with the restricted areas for cigarette smoking at all Disneyland Park spots, and travelers can usually breathe easily. However, the recent infernos that are taking over the Disneyland Park hotspot with smoke Disney can’t handle.

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Sensitivity to California Air on a Disney Vacation

Disney is equipped to accommodate most things, but fire and other natural acts are tricky to predict. While the Walt Disney World Florida location is more subject to hurricanes, the ongoing fires in California pose a real problem to those planning a Disney vacation. Theme park attractions and rides come with warnings to facilitate the safety of guests at any Walt Disney World Resort.

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Accommodation, Inclusion, Accesibility

Access to a designated smoking area respects every Walt Disney guest. But the fires indicate two key things for Disney’s last resort (figuratively and financially).

One: their popular theme park in the middle of a proverbial tinder box; fire season is ongoing. Two: the smoke hits Disneyland Resort’s air and can impact those suffering from any kind of breathing issue.

These include anything from the 20% average population with allergies and the roughly 4.5% of the population with asthma. It remains up to the individual guest to determine whether the smoke Disney has in the air makes it safe to visit.

What do you think about the wildfires in California? Would you still travel to the Disney Resort on vacation?

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