‘Secret Invasion’ Could Be Bigger Than ‘The Avengers’

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Gravik from Secret Invasion in his human form

Credit: Marvel Studios

Nick Fury might be on something bigger than himself, and fans might be shocked at this huge possibility looming in front of the MCU with Secret Invasion.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in Marvel's 'Secret Invasion'
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury isn’t the same Fury fans grew up with. He has become old, jaded, and tormented by his own guilt. This doesn’t stop the hero from taking a stand, but it’s clear that the years he has spent protecting the world from enemies have left a heavy weight on Fury. The MCU series isn’t your usual action series. Sure, there are action fights and cool stunts, but the series is building characters with elaborate dialogue and emotion.

Nothing is simple, and that’s good for the series because it explores how Skrulls have taken over the world and are trying to eliminate the human race. Not all Skrulls are against humanity, but most of them are leaving Fury with limited options for help. The Avengers won’t join the fight since Skrulls can just take their identity and use their powers to help make the world hate the Avengers.

Gravik setting off a bomb in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

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One fan shares how Secret Invasion could be the stepping stone to many more stories. One of the predictions is that Gravik’s abilities as a Super Skrull might just lead to the introduction of the Fantastic Four, which is something all fans want to see. So far, Marvel Studios hasn’t announced the entire cast for Fantastic Four, leaving people to cast their favorite people to be on the team.

Another theory is that Nick Fury will reveal that he has a son. In fact, fans will already have seen the character as he has been in the background for a lot of the series. Beto, the Skrull that Emilia Clarke’s G’iah helped out initially, could be Nick Fury’s son who is actively spying on Gravik.

the Skrull villain Gravik in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel

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This would be a crazy cameo and be shocking that Fury hid his son from almost everyone in the world. If it’s true, it could be one hell of a way to end the series, as Beto helps save his dad. One thing to remember is that if the Fantastic Four appeared, Marvel Studios did originally advertise the series as a crossover event for a reason, and that would be one great reason to call it a crossover.

The Fantastic Four would be a big reveal and set the stage for a lot of great stories, just like the Avengers, but the Fantastic Four would also set the stage for the Multiverse Saga as well. Fans don’t have the answers right now, but it’s only a few weeks until fans learn how Nick Fury will save the day.

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