Robert Downey Jr. Lost Huge Role After Being Roasted by Kate Winslet

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Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes

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Robert Downey Jr. might be considered one of the best actors in the world, but the man is not perfect. He recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show, revealing he lost out on a huge role after being roasted by Kate Winslet.

Robert Downey Jr. in Dolittle
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During an impromptu party at Howard Stern’s house, he decided to “break into my own show.” He interrupted the Howard 100 broadcast to act as a DJ and play songs. However, a cavalcade of stars joined him, including Jimmy Fallon, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Bon Jovi, Drew Barrymore, and more.

During the event, Fallon and Downey began to sing “Hotel California” by The Eagles and “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis. Their singing skills enamored Stern. Though we doubt that Downey would ever join a duet like Fallon and Jack Black used to, they randomly went on a tangent about auditioning for The Holiday.

This romantic comedy was released in 2006 and starred Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black, and Cameron Diaz. Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy Fallon had been up for the parts that eventually went to Jude Law and Jack Black.

Fallon and Downey believed they had a legitimate shot at the roles, which was not the case.

Robert Downey Jr. Has the “Worst British Accent Ever,” Says Kate Winslet

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During the impromptu Howard Stern episode, Robert Downey Jr. and Jimmy Fallon began to speak about the table read they engaged in with the director of The Holiday, Nancy Meyers. Downey jokes, “I got to have a better English accent than Jude Law at this point.” Though he believed his skill to be high-level, he was brought back down to Earth by Kate Winslet.

After the table read, Winslet told Downey, “That is the worst British accent I’ve ever heard.” Downey quipped, “I was like, ‘I’ll check out now, but I’m taking the gummy bears from the minibar.'”

We imagine that might have been embarrassing for Downey, but at least he was given a compliment by Fallon directly after.

Fallon stated that Robert Downey Jr. was the best actor he had ever sat across from and worked with, and that audition led to him retiring from acting. Despite losing out on a role that went to Jude Law, at least Downey can be happy that his skill led to Fallon retiring.

The Holiday did release in 2006, which is two years before Iron Man (2008) was unleashed onto the world. As the saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason.” Had Downey been given the role in The Holiday, he might not have had the time to audition for Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr.’s career rebounded entirely after being given the chance to star in Iron Man, which also kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He may not have the most significant British accent, but at least we know no one in the world could have done a better job than Downey as Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr. in 'Oppenheimer' (2023)
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Plus, his accent isn’t that terrible. He does one in Sherlock Holmes, which doesn’t sound like the worst, though Kate Winslet might disagree.

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