Disney World Ruined by Parents “Bullying” Kids

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frozen anna elsa and parents with trolls, amidst the commentary of parents "bullying" kids

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Parents “bullying” kids is causing discomfort for many, and actively taking away from the Disney magic for many guests.

Two sons sit on their parents' laps as they ride the Peoplemover amidst talks of Disney parents "bullying" kids

Disney Parents “Bullying” Kids: The Story

According to a Redditor who visited Walt Disney World in June, the visit to Animal Kingdom took a turn when the words Disney, parenting, and bullying entered the same sentence.

Apparently, Oh the child was begging to use the bathroom, and the parents did not want to accommodate them. The Reddit comments section got heated quickly, but most were supportive, “I hate seeing how adults treat their kids at the park.” 

Other fan notes on bullying prevention included the advice of a savvy parent at Walt Disney World, “(…) I heard a dad tell a kid who was being a bit too wild, ‘remember if you’re having too much fun then those around you probably aren’t having any fun.’”

Disney parents "bullying" kids, some say its tough love and others say they should emulate 'The Incredibles'

Walt Disney World Fans Took to Social Media

One Redditor was quick to share their opinion: “Don’t take your kids to Disney if you’re just going to bully them.” It started a barrage of opinions relating to Disney Adults, Disney Parents; and, of course, the kids that stand center stage for Walt Disney World magic.

Don’t take your kids to Disney if you’re just going to bully them
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Disney parents have autonomy over child welfare, but the act of bullying is openly unwelcome at any Disney Resort or Disney Theme Park. In fact, it’s actually a prohibited behavior.

Disney Parks have a clear statement that shows that bullying prevention is paramount. Accordingly, Disney parents bullying kids is not only wrong but completely against the rules.

Disney parents "bullying" kids
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Science Shows That Parents “Bullying” Kids Doesn’t Work

According to a report by Empowering Parent, aggressive parenting doesn’t work because it puts children into the position of a victim. The idea behind Mean Girls, Inside Out, and most of the work put out by the Disney ABC Television Group is to show that it’s better to choose kindness than to bully.

Walt Disney World Stands Against Bullying Behavior

The message is clear in Walt Disney films, targeted advertising, and endless Walt Disney World physical and digital property. Bullying behavior is not okay, whether it’s physical bullying of a kid or verbal harm that can damage mental health.

Social media was quick to the punch, showing that Walt Disney Family means more than just bringing someone to the “most magical place on earth.”

Disney parents bullying kids isn't the only option, clear in the picture here
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Proper behavior entails keeping everyone’s Animal Kingdom experience pleasant by showing empathy, taking steps toward bullying prevention, and taking a page out of pretty much any Disney Movie. Kindness and empathy pay, and the act of bullying, whether a young child, teen, or adult person is never okay.

What do you think about parents “bullying” kids at Disneyland Resorts? Tough love or too touch? Make your mark in the comments down below!

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