New Johnny Depp Documentary Series Coming to Netflix

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A brand-new documentary series is coming to Netflix next month and will reveal everything about his journey in court as he battled with his ex, Amber Heard, on the charges laid against him.

Johnny Depp Breaks His Silence on Hollywood, Reveals Where He's Been Since the Trial
Credit: Inside The Magic

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The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial – Coming Soon to Netflix

The Depp v. Heard trial occurred between April 11, 2022, and June 1, 2022. It was held in Fairfax County, Virginia, that ruled on allegations of defamation between formally married American actors Johhny Depp and Amber Heard. Depp filed a complaint of libel towards defendant Heard, claiming $50 million in damages. Meanwhile, Heard filed counterclaims against Depp for $100 million in damages. The ex-couple first met in 2009 and later got married in 2015. Things took a wild turn in 2016 when Heard falsely accused Depp of abusing her physically. The majority of the trial, however, was over Heard’s op-ed in December 2018, published by the Washington Post. Depp claimed that Heard caused “new damage” to his reputation and career by stating that she had broken up against “sexual  violence” and that “two years ago, she became a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

Actor Johnny Depp on the left and Johnny in the role of Captain Sparrow on the right. Hollywood Comeback
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Settle, Speak Out for the First Time Since Trial

Since the settlement, which moved in favor of Johnny Depp due to Heard’s smearing campaign being built on false notations, the two have been seen around Hollywood, New York, Los Angeles, and even the English Countryside, moving on with their lives and continuing their careers. Ex Wife Amber Heard is gearing up for her role in the next installment in DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023). Gearing up by getting ready to face the press and the crowds of Depp supporters who feel that she should have been removed from the film entirely. Meanwhile, Depp is currently gearing up for more roles and even told some reporters during a press conference at Cannes how he felt about Hollywood and his supposed “comeback.” Depp has been in talks with the Walt Disney Studios to return as Jack Sparrow. But these alleged rumors have yet to be confirmed by Depp or Disney. Many believe that Depp’s return to the iconic role as Jack could save the franchise from ultimate demise as the studio plans to move forward with more films in the future.

Now, a brand-new documentary series is being released on Netflix next month that will cover the trial and everything else. Here’s when you can watch it and precisely what the show will be about.

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Credit: Inside the Magic

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Netflix to Release Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Documentary Series Next Month

According to the official Netflix website, the new series will cover the entire trial, how it came about, and so much more. The official synopsis reveals the following:

Depp v. Heard, the new limited series from director Emma Cooper, covers the trial with the goal of presenting a neutral overview of what happens when the court of public opinion starts to overshadow reality. For the first time, the three-part series presents Depp and Heard’s testimony side-by-side, using 200 hours of live-streamed trial coverage from the mainstream news and citizen commentators on TikTok and Twitter. Ultimately, Depp v. Heard interrogates the role social media played in the trial, raising provocative, uncomfortable questions about how the conversations happening outside the courtroom may have influenced the outcome.

The new series, Depp v. Heard, will premier on the streaming platform on August 16

Johnny Depp played Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, and so many other iconic characters. He’s been in films such as The Harry Potter spinoff series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which JK Rowling helped produce. He’s starred alongside actors such as Al Pacino, Harry Styles, Heath Ledger, Helena Bonham Carter, Winona Ryder, and so many others. He’s worked with directors such as Jerry Bruckheimer (On Stranger Tides), Tim Burton, Bruce Robinson (Rum Diary), and plenty more. Despite the domestic violence, punitive damages, defamation trial, and personal information on display for the entire world, Heard’s formal husband Johnny Depp appears to be in good standing as he continues his journey as a performer.

Are you going to watch the brand-new Netflix documentary?

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