Marvel Slips Past Strikes, Promotes ‘The Marvels’ During Comic-Con

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Captain Marvel with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios strategically released the official trailer for The Marvels, in tandem with the ongoing pop culture fan event, Comic-Con International, to build a bigger buzz for its debut in a few months. Plus, Marvel Studios chose not to attend the Con due to the ongoing Writers and Actors strikes, but wanted to bank off the social media clout generated by the convention. Marvel is one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, yet they have struggled with some of their notable projects post-Avengers: Endgame. The next theatrical release from Marvel has been one for concern as the film will feature two principal heroes that have underperformed with viewership or reviews. This latest trailer has chosen to reveal more of the premise, the antagonist’s revenge plot, and energy-explosive action.

Credit: Marvel Studios

The Marvels is tended to be one of the centerpieces for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Phase 5 as it will combine character and story arcs from Captain Marvel, WandaVision, Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion. Anytime Marvel has chosen to bloat one of their projects with multiple plot points and characters, it is a tactical decision where they hook a fanbase by whichever hero is their favorite, then use the platform to expand to other future projects. While this has worked successfully in previous movies such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War, the studio has missed the mark with overwhelming content like in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

Credit: Disney Plus

The next intergalactic adventure in the MCU will feature Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) aka Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) aka Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) aka Photon. Based off the trailer, Captain Marvel has isolated herself from the world as she protects the galaxy. Monica Rambeau was invited by a Skrull to join S.A.B.E.R. (aka MCU’s Space Force) at the end of WandaVision. The trailer depicts her as an astronaut for the organization. Kamala resumes right where the Ms. Marvel finale ended by switching places with one of the superpowered heroines.

Credit: Marvel Studios

The antagonist will be the Kree general turned emperor, Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton), who is a ruthless destroyer in the comics. She seeks revenge on Carol after she killed the Supreme Intelligence (Annette Bening) in her origin film. Dar-Benn has found Ms. Marvel’s other energy-controlling bangle and will use it to execute her vengeance. The villain’s use of the mysterious artifact triggers a malfunction with Captain Marvel’s powers as she switches places with Kamala and Monica, whose abilities come from the same source. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) will be a major supporting character that will help the trio understand and rectify their power glitches. The misadventures of this unlikely team-up will force them to rely on each other to defeat the newest Marvel foe.

The Marvels-fight-together
Credit: Marvel Studios

MCU’s Phases 4 and 5 have been a rollercoaster of quality storytelling versus action-driven mediocrity. For every Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021), there was The Eternals (2021), but there have also been flawed gems like WandaVision, Moon Knight, and Loki. The Marvels will feature two characters that have not galvanized a massive fanbase. Ms. Marvel was critically-acclaimed initially, but tracked in only 775,000 viewers in its first five days compared to other Marvel Disney+ series like Loki that made 2.5 million viewers on average in its first release. The first Captain Marvel film was designed to make the character one of the new leaders in the MCU, but the origin story experienced a reverse effect. It earned $1.1 billion at the box office, yet what was considered unremarkable by many Marvel fans. The character up until The Marvels only made cameos since her debut in 2019.

The Marvels will be Marvel Studios first all-female hero team-up movie and is slated for a November 10, 2023 release.

What did you think of the trailer? Do you have theories on what you think is next for the MCU based off this entry?

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