‘The Marvels’ Give Away Major Spoiler in Latest Disney Blunder

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The Marvels release date is a few months away, but Marvel is currently trying to build buzz for the film. While most fans enjoy a good tease like a major cameo or potential twist, promotional products can go a step too far and spoil a massive character reveal. An official product to promote The Marvels did just that with the revelation that one of the characters from the film will have alien children.

Credit: Marvel Studios





Marvel has partnered with Funko Pop and Amazon to offer an Amazon-exclusive ‘Marvel Collector Corps’ subscription box set. The set will feature a limited edition t-shirt that features – Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau aka ‘Photon’ as Funko Pops. It also includes a Captain Marvel Funko Pop that depicts her powering up while taking flight. Another item is a collectible decal with The Marvels logo.

Credit: Funko Pops/Amazon

The last two items showcase the deadly, but loveable cat-looking alien, the’ Flerken’ known as Goose. She comes as a Funko Pop and a pin, both of which show her with a litter of kittens. This is an unfortunate blunder for anyone who does not like spoilers. Goose will still continue to be a fan-favorite character responsible for giving Nick Fury his eyepatch, but the reveal of her birthing a litter of “Fler-kittens” is an unwelcomed surprise before the movie’s premiere.

Credit: Funko Pop/Amazon

Goose’s last theatrical appearance was in Captain Marvel where she became Fury’s pet back in the 1990s. There has been no mention whether she is still under his care. However, the recent trailer for The Marvels did show Goose onboard of the Kree spacecraft interacting with Ms. Marvel. The legend that is Goose has been a minor addition to the MCU, yet Kamala Khan’s awareness of Goose’s existence and her connection to Carol Danvers implies she may have her own fanbase. Goose’s role in The Marvels may be unknown, but an educated guess would surmise that when she goes into “mama bear” mode over her babies, she will be an hilariously indomitable force.

The Marvels is set to debut on November 10, 2023.

If you saw the spoiler, what did you think? Are you excited for the movie?

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