‘Haunted Mansion’ Cast Replaced With Disney Characters for World Premiere

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Gabbie and Travis in Grand Hall Ballroom scene, Haunted Mansion movie

Credit: Disney

World Premieres are reasonably important but the Walt Disney Company believes they are more important than the cast because the red carpet for Haunted Mansion (2023)was full of iconic Disney characters.

Danny Devito screaming in Disney's Haunted Mansion
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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Normally, world premieres help fans learn more about the movie and hear fun stories from the cast. The director and cast show up with a special audience to watch the movie together and share with the press their thoughts. From here, early reactions to the movie are heard and posted everywhere so fans know what to expect before snagging their tickets.

Unfortunately, the SAG-AFTRA strike makes this impossible since the cast can’t join. That means that Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Chase W. Dillon, Daniel Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, etc., can’t show up for the premiere. Shockingly, Disney still set up the World Premiere for fans, and instead of actors, they forced Cast Members to walk down the red carpet.

Haunted Mansion cast
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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The movie is based on one of the more iconic attractions at the Parks, which is why fans are excited about the movie, but no one was expecting to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse lead the marketing. According to Variety, several Disney characters such as Snow White, Maleficent, Mickey Mouse, Cruella, and more have walked down the red carpet:

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have arrived at the #HauntedMansion  premiere in Disneyland — the first major carpet to take place since SAG-AFTRA voted to issue a strike Thursday.

This is the first big premiere after the strike happened. Christopher Nolan’s star-studded cast quickly departed from its premiere for Oppenheimer (2023), but that was expected since Nolan and his cast moved their premiere up to accommodate the strike. Disney, on the other hand, believes actors and writers are asking “unrealistic” demands from the company, and just like Max and Netflix, these companies refuse to listen to actors. So far, actors have dissed Bob Iger after his infamous interview and revealed just how badly they need to be treated more.

CEOs like Iger make far more than the average actor, and the shocking thing is that paying actors more and giving them the right to choose whether or not their likeness is used for other projects is not something they are interested in. Technology has gone a long way, and it’s finally causing some serious problems in the entertainment industry.

haunted mansion cast at disneyland
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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Cast Members don’t get a choice in the matter as Disney has them walking the red carpet which is quieter and not full of energy like before. It’s clear that the strike won’t end soon, and Disney reveals just how awful it is not to have the actors present for events like this.

Haunted Mansion releases in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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