Exclusive Leak Unveils Universal Orlando’s Answer to Disney’s Hyped Nighttime Shows

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universal studios florida

Credit: Universal Studios Florida / @DrewTheIntern on Twitter

Some leaked images from a Twitter user have possibly revealed some stunning news as a possible drone show could be coming soon to this massive Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Orlando Resort globe
Credit: Universal Orlando

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Universal Studios Florida – Rumored Drone Show Possibly Coming?

In April, Inside The Magic reported on the rumor that a possible drone show would be coming to Universal Orlando Resort. The word came after Universal posted a job listing and quickly deleted it for Associate Project Manager – Drone Operations on their Careers page. How do I know they were hired? Well, simple – the position is no longer available when you try to click the link, as shown here:

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort webpage

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As you can see, the position will heavily rely on drones and operating them, which led me to believe that a Universal drone show is on the way to Orlando, Florida. Not only that, but Universal Orlando Resort is also closer to residential areas than Disney World, meaning it’s much harder for Universal to have fireworks versus Disney World, hinting even more towards a drone show making the most sense for Universal in the long run. A drone show would make sense in a place like Universal, as most of their rides, attractions, and performances are themed in a tech-savvy way, much more than Disney World. Universal relies heavily on technology for their rides, and having a new, fresh show with drones could help the Parks grow in attendance and overall value.

So ultimately, a drone show would make the most sense for Universal, as places like Disneyland Paris released a drone show featuring nearly 2,000 drones. Some new photos released online could indicate that the rumor is accurate, and a new drone show will soon be coming to Universal Orlando Resort.

universal studios florida
Credit: @DrewTheIntern on Twitter

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Drone-Leaked Images From Twitter

A user named @DrewTheIntern released some leaked images this morning at around 1:30 a.m. EST. In the photos, you can see what appear to be drones conducting some sort of exercise while taking the shape of a Christmas present, a clown, and whatever this blue and red thing seems to be. The photos are blurry, but that is undoubtedly Universal Orlando Resort, as you can see the iconic Lighthouse from Islands of Adventure. Check out the tweet below:

Universal has not confirmed the leaked images yet, as no drone show announcement has been made either. But the photos indicate that Universal is practicing with the drones for a possible upcoming drone show coming to the Universal Studios lagoon area. The mentioned lagoon area has been under construction for quite some time, as Inside The Magic has also reported on these matters, further solidifying the possible speculation of a drone show coming to Universal Studios Florida.

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