Disney’s New ‘Moana’ Attraction Previews to Begin Imminently

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A photo frame with Moana inside with a backdrop of Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort

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It’s almost time for Guests to begin enjoying a new attraction inspired by the hit Disney animated movie Moana (2016). Still, until then, it looks like Disney World Cast Members will begin previewing the attraction experience later this month, according to reports.

Moana attraction Disney
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Disney’s New’ Moana’ Attraction Coming Soon

Aside from the official Moana (2016) live-action remake coming in a few years and directed by the same person who did Hamilton, there’s a new attraction experience coming to EPCOT later this year titled Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana. The attraction experience will be a self-guided tour on a trail where Guests can play and interact with water as it travels from the sky to the oceans and back again, according to the official WDW website. The attraction area will open to the general public within World Nature – the EPCOT neighborhood dedicated to understanding and preserving the natural beauty of our world, bringing balance and tranquillity to everyone who visits. There is no word yet on an official opening date from Disney, but Guests can expect this attraction area to open in late 2023, sometime between October and December of this year.

Moana attraction Disney
Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering

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Official testing has begun on the attraction experience reported by Inside The Magic a few weeks back. Recently, a video was leaked online giving Guests an official first look into the music that will be playing in the area where the attraction experience is currently being built.

Moana attraction Disney
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Cast Member Previews to Begin Later This Month

According to WDW News Today, Cast Member previews for this attraction experience will commence July 25 and run through August 19 for a select group of CMs.

It was confirmed through online official Disney and non-Disney-affiliated sources that Disney Imagineers have officially begun testing Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana. According to official Disney sources, the Imagineers have started to “teach water how to play” as they “test and prepare our next attraction to welcome Guests later this Fall to World of Nature in EPCOT,” located inside Walt Disney World Resort.

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