Desperate Guest Thwarts Disney Live Stream, Called a Hero

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The Genie from 'Aladdin' pointing and laughing at a screenshot of a man standing in the middle of a Disney live stream.

Credit: @johnhayden08 / Walt Disney Animation Studios

As contempt for Disney live stream content creators grows, desperate Guests are taking matters into their own hands.

Live streamers and TikTokers spend their days in the Disney Parks, bringing the magic to fans at home. But fellow Guests find constant filming and talking disruptive, and some feel being broadcast to the internet without consent violates other Guests’ privacy.

Mickey poses for Guests in Fantasmic! Hollywood Studios
Credit: Disney

Tokyo Disney Resort enacted strict vlogging and live-streaming rules earlier this year, all but banning both practices. Fans regularly call on Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to do the same.

Until the United States Disney Parks’ rules change, Guests find their own ways to thwart TikTokers and YouTubers. This week, TikTok user John Hayden (@johnhayden08) went viral for sharing this screen recording of himself interrupting a Disney live stream:


He tries moving the camera, but I wont be outsmarted. #disneylive #getouttheway

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“That time at Disney I found the live TikTok dude and ambushed his stream,” Hayden wrote. “He tries moving the camera, but I wont [sic.] be outsmarted.”

In the video, Hayden casually walks into the frame and stands directly in front of the camera, looking confused. The live streamer tries moving his phone to show Guests in line for Fantasmic! on Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but Hayden follows.

This simple act of protest delighted Disney Parks fans.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel - one of many Disney World rides - shown on a stormy day.
Credit: Disney

“You, sir, are a king,” @fungh0uls wrote.

“God I wish I had dad courage, this is AWESOME,” @covarrubias.cifi agreed. 

It’s best never to directly confront another Guest if you’re concerned about their behavior or find their filming disruptive. Instead, locate the nearest Disney Cast Member who can calmly address the conflict or rule-breaking.

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