Disney Invaded with Colossal Crowds Due to “Foul” Pickle Milkshake

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EPCOT crowds at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Inside the Magic

Yesterday marked the start of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, which has always been a fan favorite for Guests. Along with just being able to enter EPCOT, Guests are greeted with tons of added food booths, decor, and offerings to enhance their experience at the theme park. On these festival days, many different bloggers and influencers typically invade the theme park to share all of the new additions with their followers — especially if there is a wild food option at hand.

As we have reported, one of the options that Guests can slurp up is the Pickle Milkshake available at Brew-Wing at the Odyssey. If you want to try something particularly wild, a pickle milkshake would make that list. The Disney snack is themed to the Muppets Lab and gives Guests a collectable cup to take home for $5.75. The Pickle Milkshake is part of a Muppets-themed section where Beaker and Dr. Bunson P. Honeydew have created strange food concoctions, like the Unnecessarily Spicy, Yet Extremely Tasty Scotch Bonnet Pepper-Curry Wings and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sticky Wings. Read more on that here.

The Pickle milkshake, available at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

While walking around the festival yesterday evening, we popped into Brew-Wing to see what all the fuss was about when it came to this new Pickle Milkshake and saw the longest line of the festival. Guests were wrapped around not one but two different queue lines, with one of them heading out the door of the Odyssey, and nearly every Guest who was eating also had a Pickle Milkshake that they were photographing to post on social media. The pickle beverage has hit social media so hard that even large publications that do not typically cover theme park food, like People Magazine, are writing about the pickle sensation.

Credit: Inside the Magic

The virality of the dessert (if we can call it that?) comes from the strange idea of mixing pickles with a creamy, milky, sweet base, and many Disney fans are against it. After one X user (previously, Twitter) shared a gross-looking freezer aisle shrimp find, another commented, “Still sounds better than the pickle milkshake at EPCOT F&W.

Other Disney fans still could not wrap their head around the idea of creating this item, saying, “What fresh hell is this?! A dill pickle milkshake for EPCOT food and wine festival. Why?????” Even pickle lovers had to take a hard pass, “I love pickles, I am a pickle girl, but you won’t catch me dead w that pickle milkshake. I’m sorry, it just sounds foul, and the thought of a pickle in a dessert makes me feel ILL.”

Dewayne Bevil (@ThemeParks) shared a photo of the line out the door.

“Literally lined up out the door to get pickle milkshake at Epcot. (?)”

Credit: Inside the Magic

Overall, the hype of the Pickle Milkshake helped garner many Guests at EPCOT yesterday. Lines were quite long for nearly every booth at the night’s end, with Guests crowding the walkways at every turn. We have been reporting on the influx of Guests at Walt Disney World as of late, and it looks like a Pickle Milkshake might be at the root of it all.

Credit: Inside the Magic

So, how was the Pickle Milkshake?

First of all, you have to love pickles to like this drink. It actually has a lot more of a dill flavor than a pickle, and the flavor profile is very odd, but the sour taste of a pickle is not really present, which would be the thing to make it taste bad with milk. If you are feeling adventurous, it won’t be something you regret, but likely, not something you will get twice.

This year, The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival began on July 27 and continues through November 18, 2023,

Would you get the infamous Pickle Milkshake at EPCOT?

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