How to get a high score on Test Track!

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Test Track Design Kiosk

There are several fun attractions at Walt Disney World where guests compete with each other for the highest score. These include Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom, Toy Story Mania! at Hollywood Studios, and Test Track at Epcot. Today, I’m going to talk about how to improve your score when designing your Test Track car.

The first and most important factor is time. As soon as you enter the “design studio” the clock starts ticking. You want to quickly tap your magic band (or park ticket), choose your language, and pick the style of vehicle you’d like to design. Next, you will quickly draw the basic shape of your car from left to right. You are best off making a smooth, rounded line, as this will take up the least amount of time. You then click optimize, and the computer turns your shape into a car.

Choose a Vehicle
Choose a Vehicle

Now, once you have the basics out of the way, it is time to start shaping your car. This is when you need to begin paying attention to the category point values at the top of the screen. You will utilize “sliders” as you move through the sculpt, length, and width sections. Gently move the sliders until you start to see the numbers change. Now, at first glance, it will appear that when a category’s value goes up, another one will go down. However, if you move slowly, you will typically see a value go up before the other value goes down. Here is where you can pick up some valuable points that most guests just gloss over. The fourth tab in this section is the engine. Don’t waste time on this, as it doesn’t seem to matter which one you pick, as far as points are concerned.

Shape Your Car
Shape Your Car

The next section contains the face, paint, wheels, and accessories. Don’t waste any time on face or paint, as there are no points to be gained here. However, pick out wheels that have the highest point values and use the “size” sliders in the way you did in the previous section. Again, you will pick up some points that way.

Wheels - Use Sliders
Wheels – Use Sliders

This brings us to the most important area of the design process: “accessories.” By the time most guests get to this section, they are just about out of time. However, here is where you can pick up a huge amount of points. You will move through five areas: front, hood, side, top, and rear. This is where it helps to be able to quickly do math in your head. Some of the accessories simply have point values. However, others have two values, a positive and negative. You need to be able to quickly scroll through the list until you find the highest net gain. For example, you may see a hood scoop with a value of 3, and one with a 6 and -2. You would want to choose the second one, with a net gain of 4. Move quickly through each of the five categories while keeping an eye on the timer. If you have time in the end, you can go back to each accessory category to make sure you chose the best ones.

Focus on Accessories
Focus on Accessories
Look for Highest Net Gain
Look for Highest Net Gain

Using the above method, I was able to get “Today’s Top Design.” Remember that the key is moving quickly through the first several sections and focusing on the points. You may not have the best looking car, but you will more than likely be able to beat your friends and family and get a great score. I also want to mention that you can practice designing Test Track cars on three kiosks near the exit of the attraction. There is no time limit, so you aren’t under pressure while practicing. Have fun using these tips the next time you are at Test Track!

Top Design Score
Top Design Score
Practice Kiosks
Practice Kiosks

Do you remember your last score on Test Track? Let us know how you did in the comments below.


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    Dude my car has way better score than u and I’m 10

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    Dave - WDW Guided Tours

    Way to go dude! Thanks for reading!


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    nick wilson

    i like your design but the highest score the day i was there was

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    Wowow great cars gan… my son will happy

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    My best score is 239

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