Disney Breaks Its Own Rules, Backtracks With Marvel Change

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Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) in Marvel's 'Secret Invasion'

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According to some fans, one of Disney’s biggest mistakes is hoarding their IP on their own streaming services. While this is expected for a company of its size, it’s also proven to be a double-edged sword.

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If you know anything about the business end of the Walt Disney Company, you know that they are excessively protective of their intellectual property. At the same time, it’s proven to do more harm than good as this attempt to generate interest and subscribers in their own platform has yet to result in the outcome the company was likely expecting. However, it looks like the company is backtracking on this practice in a desperate attempt to save face.

Secret Invasion Sneaks from Disney+ to Hulu

According to the report by @ScottGustin, Disney is dropping the first three episodes of Marvel’s Secret Invasion onto Hulu. While most fans might be dazzled by the sudden appearance of Nick Fury and the army of rogue refugee Skrulls, there might be more to this tactic than just sharing the series on another platform.

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While Disney is currently in the process of merging with Hulu, dropping the episodes on a different streaming service, it’s not the norm. On one hand, it could just be a way to attempt to generate more pull towards Disney+. Viewership has recently taken a massive dive, as the platform has lost four million subscribers already, and Disney needs to make up those numbers.

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That said, it might also be Disney slowly realizing the error of its ways. Better late than never, as the saying goes. That said, it comes with an air of desperation to project onto a platform they’re already attached to instead of somewhere like Prime.

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That all in mind, it’s still enough to make some, including this writer, wonder if there isn’t something happening behind the scenes. Like the Skrulls hiding out on earth, there’s a hidden plan in the works and we’ve just not seen it yet.

Is Disney really up to something mixing their platforms? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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