Disney’s Hoarding Could Close the Parks

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While it might not seem like it at first glance, Disney has just suffered a multi-million-dollar loss due to its recent performance at the box office. Thanks to the less-than-satisfactory performance with some of their recently-released features like Elemental, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Strange World, the company is banking on the Parks and other projects to break even.

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Credit: Disney

Recent reports have shown that the company’s loss in the theaters amounts to roughly $900 million with its last eight feature-film releases. Still, the decision to release them exclusively to their streaming service instead of a wider distribution could rub salt in the wound and put the company deeper in financial strain.

Disney Won’t Share the Love


Disney’s eight recent films set the company back by losing almost one billion dollars. #disney #disneyplus #disneytiktok #disneytok #waltdisney

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According to a recent report by @sayheyjames,

Disney’s strategy of retaining exclusive rights to its content after theatrical release rather than pursuing lucrative licensing agreements with major streaming services like Netflix has likely contributed to this financial setback.

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The creator also goes on to state that Disney’s profitability has shifted its dependency on other projects like the Parks. However, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and other such projects are only a side-effect of the success brought on by their classic animated features and cinematic masterpieces. If the company doesn’t pull back and refocus things at the studio, it could lead to potentially irreversible problems at the theme parks.

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The Disney Parks are a massive moneymaker for the company, but the movies are what make Disney a household name. Fans can point fingers at lack of marketing, fear of risk on the studio’s part, or a volatile audience, but the fact that things need to change at the studio is a constant threat to the status quo.

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The company has almost always been a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, but this is undeniably an ill omen for things to come if management doesn’t work things out. $900 million might seem like a drop in the bucket compared to how much Disney is worth, but unwillingness to work with others might be the first step towards a dangerous fall.

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