‘Barbie’ Movie Is the New Gold Standard, Per Experts

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ryan gosling and margot robbie as barbie and ken

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According to the service used by Oscar Winning Screenwriters, the Greta Gerwig Barbie movie is the go-to source for creating a script as iconic as a Barbie doll.

'Barbie' Movie
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Barbie Movie Cast Brought the Script to Life

The Barbie movie isn’t a doll that can be packaged and sent out. The Barbie film involved big names like Greta Gerwig and had the backing of Warner Bros.; no small feat. On top of that, the film had the iconic Barbie Doll on its side, a nostalgic if not archaic icon on its team.

Writing Enables Acting in the New Barbie Movie

This allowed Kate McKinnon and Margot Robbie to steal the Barbie Land show, becoming the Barbie doll dream so many millennials and Gen X individuals had. Plus, it’s hard to miss Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, Issa Rae, and Barbie World in the same sentence, let alone the same movie.

ryan gosling as ken margot robbie as barbie in the barbie movie
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But there is no surefire road to success, even with Warner Brothers at the helm. From the roles in the new Barbie movie to the claims of feminist issues, there is a lot that the film had to do to bring people into theatres. Warner Brothers won that battle, thanks to everyone from Emma Mackey to Simu Liu to Barbie and all her followers.

Barbie Movie: Box Office Hit Thanks to Greta Gerwig

According to Final Draft, the screenwriting company that most mainstream media uses for its scripts, Greta Gerwig, has much to teach; the Barbie movie is quickly becoming a writing formula for Los Angeles and Hollywood success.

Barbie mug shot from latest Barbie trailer
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How the Process Works

Warner Bros Pictures dropped the Barbie movie, and the crowds went wild. It didn’t shy away from talent, including Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, and Greta Gerwig. It was a nostalgic dream of Barbie Land. Per the screenwriting news outlet, Warner Bros Pictures succeeded because “Barbie doesn’t shy away from what it is — in fact, it embraces that reality and makes it part of the story.”

all of the barbies from the barbie movie cheer at sleepover slumber party in pink matching pajamas issa rae and ryan gosling in front
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What Makes Barbie Girl a Success, Per Final Draft

Per the recent developments in the Barbie World, Warner Brothers saw a massive turnout to its Barbie film. Not only is Barbie all over social media, but the Barbie film redefined the approach to movies, largely thanks to Greta Gerwig’s work.

The idea that Barbie Land is unabashedly itself is one of the appeals. Per the news source, expectations about the iconic Barbie Doll were already present, and Warner Bros Pictures had to choose how to handle that.

Margot Robbie from the Barbie movie looks through a mirror shaped window
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Embracing the Barbie Girl Roots: Barbie Movie Cast Makes its Mark

The idea of Issa Rae and Margot Robbie becoming Barbie Dolls on the big screen was a clear trope from the start of the Barbie film. So, Greta Gerwig and Warner Bros Studios used that Barbie energy to their advantage. How? According to experts, the Barbie Girl’s success was due to the following:

  • The Barbie movie cast embraces cliches while adapting them to the modern Barbie Doll era, making it more fun and modern.
  • The call to adventure is the core of a story, and using death, the universal calling card of loss, gave the Barbie film a chance to relate to broader audiences through the film.
  • A nail has a head for a reason, and sometimes, “It’s okay to hit the point on the head.” The Barbie movie cast nailed it if numbers are any indication.
  • Include multiple generations, from Helen Mirren to America Ferrera to Margot Robbie to Ryan Gosling; inclusion made the Barbie movie cast iconic.

Given the current success at the box office, it looks like Issa Rae, Ryan Gosling, and President Barbie will become a more popular approach to screenwriting.

What do you think about the Great Gerwig model for writing a film that makes an impact? Vote in the comments down below!

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