Tom Holland Reveals Timetable For Return to Acting

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man

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The world was shocked when Tom Holland revealed that he was stepping away from acting for a year. What made the matter worse is that no one knew what Holland had meant by his break. Now, the man has clarified those comments, especially regarding the negative reception of his latest series.

Tom Holland as peter parker back to the future
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The superhero-loving world has been patiently waiting to see Holland step back into the life of Peter Parker, and the actor had finally stated that Spider-Man 4 was in the works. However, like most celebrities working in show business, he also stated that the early talks for the sequel would be shut down out of respect for the WGA strike.

The most recent acting gig Tom Holland is involved with is a series on AppleTV+ called The Crowded Room. In the series, Holland takes on the life of Danny Sullivan, a man with multiple personalities. The series is said to be based on the real life of Billy Milligan, a man who was the first to be acquitted of a major crime by claiming to have a dissociative personality disorder.

The critic response to the new series has been less than stellar, which is what many believed led to Holland stepping away from acting. However, that is not the case, as the man himself clarified his own comments.

Tom Holland Will Return to Acting Soon

tom holland in the crowded room
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Tom Holland stated that he was taking a year off and indicated that appearing in The Crowded Room had “broken” him slightly. This interview was the one that led many people to believe Holland finally reached a breaking point. However, the actor has since clarified those comments.

According to Holland, “It’s so funny. Obviously, ‘The Crowded Room’ came out. We didn’t have very favorable reviews. “So the press story was that I have taken this year off because of the reviews. But I’m eight months into my year off. I’ve been chilling at home in London, going to Grand Prixes, playing golf….”

Interestingly, when Holland had stated he was taking a year off from acting, he did not mean from that point. He has already been well into his year off, and The Crowded Room had nothing to do with his small retirement.

Though The Crowded Room has a paltry 26% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences have loved the series. Tom Holland thanked fans for their immensely positive response to the series, which has a 91% approval rating.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to my fans and the people that have seen the show because we’re at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes,” Holland added. Though the series has since dropped to 91%, it joins a pantheon of shows and movies that tell a much different story than what the critics say about it.

Tom Holland stating he is eight months into his well-deserved year-long break means the actor can return in the fall of this year. Hopefully, the WGA strike has also been sorted out by then, and the writers will get their deserved fair pay.

tom holland as spider-man
Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures

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Should Holland’s return and the WGA strike end around the same time, work would begin again on Spider-Man 4. We have all been waiting to see the man return to the world of Spider-Man, and plenty more can be done with the character.

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