The CW Renews Final DC Series, but at a Steep Cost

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The CW has been steadily removing its DC content for a few years. Since Nexstar bought the majority stake in the network, it has ensured that most superhero content was eliminated. Interestingly, the network has since been trying to get into the sports coverage game. However, it has now been revealed that the network will be keeping one final DC series alive at a steep cost.

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It is strange that the network keeps one superhero series alive. The audience reception of the series has been stellar, and the main reason why The CW is keeping it around. However, it now exists as the only superhero show left. This could make this a genius move or make the transitional period for the network seem that much more messy.

Nexstar wants The CW to become more about reality TV and sports than the scripted content it has delivered thus far. Gotham Knights was the other DC series awaiting word on its cancelation, and that has sadly come to pass.

The final remaining tie to the Arrowverse is Superman & Lois, which has been renewed for season four. However, the show will go through significant changes.

‘Superman & Lois’ Is the Final Arrowverse Series, but Suffers Budget Cuts

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The CW has been announced to continue its DC series, Superman & Lois, but the show faces severe budget cuts. Instead of the usual 13-episode season the show has given, that number has been cut to ten.

Also, the cast will face significant cuts as well. The leading actors are obviously in no danger of being cut, but some 12 supporting Cast Members are likely to be cut.

The dynamic of Superman & Lois will remain as a family-centric style but keep to its superhero roots. However, fewer players will be involved, which will help drive the story of this shortened season. Again, we are unsure if this move will benefit the show or its immediate downfall—but we will find out when the show returns.

Superman & Lois banks heavily on its special effects, considering it revolves around Superman. That could be why The CW has also indicated that budget cuts will happen. Shortening the season to ten episodes gives the network the likely leeway it needs to be renewed.

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For fans of the Arrowverse, this is the final show that shows any connection to the once-great DC-centric universe. There is significant doubt that Superman & Lois can make it past this fourth season, but maybe the show’s popularity will make Nexstar go back on canceling the other superhero shows on The CW.

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