The CW Has Dumped Superheroes in Favor of Sports, Will Host ‘Inside the NFL’

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Nexstar officially purchased The CW back in 2022 and has since been gutting the network’s programming schedule, mainly its DC-related shows. The CW was rumored to move away from scripted content as a whole, but no one thought the network would delve deeper into sports. The first step in the company’s sports coverage came with hosting LIV Golf League. Now, the network is set to showcase one of the longest-running NFL shows.

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Inside the NFL is a series that features analysis and coverage of the NFL (National Football League). Former players, coaches, and analysts put together a show dedicated to highlights, drama, score recaps, and everything concerning the NFL.

The series initially debuted on HBO IN 1997 before ending its tenure on the network in 2008. From there, it would shift to Showtime from 2008 to 2021. After its short run on Showtime, it moved to Paramount+.

Paramount+ was believed to be the home for the analytic series considering Paramount is owned by ViacomCBS, which has had a partnership with the NFL for decades. However, in a shocking turn of events, Paramount+ announced it would be dropping Inside the NFL in February of this year.

The series is now heading to the oddest of networks: The CW.

The CW Expands Sports Coverage With ‘Inside the NFL’

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The CW has announced that it has secured the rights to Inside the NFL, with the series making its debut on the network on September 5 at 8 p.m. The series will also be streamed on The CW app.

Oddly enough, the network is also set to start its search for new producers and hosts. Previous hosts for the long-running series have included NFL greats like Dan Marino, Phil Simms, James Brown, Cris Carter, Cris Collinsworth, Brandon Marshall, and Ray Lewis.

According to Ross Ketover, Senior Executive, NFL Films, “It is a show we cherish at NFL Films and we are thrilled to bring it to a great new partner in The CW. This is a special opportunity to reimagine and reboot Inside The NFL for a wider audience and a new generation of fans. We can’t wait to get started.”

It is a bit strange that the series has been mentioned as a “reboot,” which is generally the term used for fictionalized television shows and movies. This could be why the series is searching for new hosts and producers.

The most recent hosts were James Brown, Phil Simms, Brandon Marshall, and Ray Lewis. Julain Edelmen, former New England Patriots Wide Receiver, also joined the show in 2021.

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We would imagine that the listed hosts might be contacted to extend their contracts with The CW. Then again, the network might be searching for a complete reset and bringing in a bevy of new analysts.

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