Have You Heard? Lightning McQueen and Jack Sparrow are in the NFL Now

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Lightning McQueen on a football field

Credit: ITM

Football season is coming, and the NFL is getting a serious revamp to its team names…according to Barstool Sports.

Creators for the popular website and social media account hit the streets the other day in honor of the release of the 2023 NFL schedule, to find out how well people knew the National Football League teams.

As it turns out, people don’t generally know the names and logos of football teams from cities they are not from. The results of this pop quiz will have any football fan giggling – and it’ll probably tickle you even if you’re not that big on sports.

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Let’s go over the guesses made in this video, shall we?

The first logo was a simple fleur de lis in gold.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: The St. Louis…Rams?

ISSUES WITH THAT: The St. Louis Rams WERE a team, but they moved to Los Angeles several years ago. Also, that’s not their logo.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The New Orleans Saints.

A worthy try. At least she named a real football team. Sort of. Let’s try again.

The next logo was a sideways bolt of lightning.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: Lightning McQueen!

ISSUES WITH THAT: Lightning McQueen is a character from the famous Pixar movie, Cars. He is not a football team. Frankly, as a racecar, he would probably absolutely decimate a football field.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Los Angeles Chargers.

How come Los Angeles gets two teams, anyway? Lightning McQueen should speak to the manager and move them somewhere along Route 66.

Lightning McQueen on a football field
Credit: ITM

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Let’s try again.

The next logo was…just a red football helmet.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: Just the football logo.

ISSUES WITH THAT: That is not the NFL logo.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Cleveland Browns.

Honestly, that one was fair. The confusion was warranted. That’s a weird logo, and we had to Google a list of all the NFL logos to remember what it was. Next question.

The next logo was an orange letter B with three black stripes across it.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: The Boston Bobcats???

ISSUES WITH THAT: Boston does have a football team. Pretty famously, actually. But they are not the Bobcats.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Cincinnati Bengals

To her credit, she was close. Bobcats and Bengals are both large cats.

The next logo was a blue horseshoe.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: (With a lot of confidence:) Cowboys! (Also, later in the video): Texas! That’s the Cowboys.

ISSUES WITH THAT: That team is not from Texas. Also, that is not the Cowboys logo.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Indianapolis Colts

You could see how they would think that this was the Cowboys logo – Cowboys and horseshoes do go together, and it makes more sense than the Cowboys’ actual logo, which is a star. They at least knew they were the same color.

The next logo was the head of a blue bird with the letter R on it.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: The Baltimore Orioles

ISSUES WITH THAT: The Baltimore Orioles ARE a sports team – but the sport is baseball.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Baltimore Ravens

She knew it was a bird, and she did know the name of A Baltimore sports team…just not in the right league. Or season.

The next logo was a stylized bird of prey in red and black.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: The Red Stallions (arr!)

ISSUES WITH THAT: First of all, she didn’t say a city name. More importantly, though, that logo is clearly a bird.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Atlanta Falcons.

We can’t make excuses for this one. Girlfriend, that was not a picture of a horse.

Next logo: Three stars in primary colors on a white background, next to the word “Steelers.”

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: “The 49ers? 69ers? (NO!)”

ISSUES WITH THAT: The 69ers are…not a sports team. 49ers are, in fact, a football team, but not this one. But the biggest issue is that, uhh…

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Pittsburgh Steelers

The logo…literally has the name of the football team on it.

Anyway, moving on…

Next logo: A red skull and crossbones flag with a football in the middle.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: The Pirates from the Islands of the Caribbean

ISSUES WITH THAT: While we don’t doubt that Jack Sparrow would do an excellent job running a ball down a field away from people who are chasing him, there are no football teams in the NFL from anywhere but mainland USA.

Jack sparrow running from a crowd with a football
Credit: ITM/Disney

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WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

She was actually kind of close. Buccaneer is another word for pirate, and Florida is NEAR the Caribbean. Moving on.

The next logo was a snarling spotted jungle cat.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: Chester Cheeto! (Alternately: “That actually does not exist.”)

ISSUES WITH THAT: Chester Cheeto is the logo for Cheetos snacks. He is too skinny to play football.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Jacksonville Jaguars (A team that does, in fact, exist.)

For whatever it is worth, Jason Mendoza of The Good Place would still approve of that assessment.

The next logo was a snarling black jungle cat.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: North Carolina Tigers?

ISSUES WITH THAT: Tigers, famously, have stripes.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Carolina Panthers

She was half right – they do actually play in the state of North Carolina, but we wonder if South Carolina gets testy if you point that out.

Next logo: A dolphin.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: Atlanta! Florida! Florida Dolphins

ISSUES WITH THAT: So close! They are the Dolphins! They are in Florida! Atlanta, however, is not.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Miami Dolphins

We honestly would have given her full marks on this one, had she not posited that the capital of Georgia was in another state.

Next logo: The outline of a bull in red and blue, with a white star on the left side.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: The Texas Texans?

ISSUES WITH THAT: That would be a less creative team name than the Washington Football Team.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Houston Texans

Huh. Honestly, that’s not that much more creative. (On a later guess, another girl said “Bulls? Patriots? That’s the Patriots logo?!” We have more bones to pick with her.)

Okay, next one: The head of a bird of prey in blue and gray, with green eyes.

WHAT THEY CALLED IT: Eagles! From Pittsburgh?

ISSUES WITH THAT: The Eagles are from Philadelphia, not Pittsburgh. More importantly though, that is not their logo.

WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS: The Seattle Seahawks

This one was an easy mistake to make – they’re both birds, and both logos are a really angry looking bird head. At least Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are in the same state.

The last logo they showed was one everyone knew, because it was the Tennessee Titans logo, and the video was taken in downtown Nashville. It just goes to show you, fewer people are paying attention to football than you think – but they love their hometowns.

If there’s anything we really learned today, though, is that Lightning McQueen would be much cooler and more creative than some of the actual NFL team names. (We’re looking at you, Texans.)

Do you think some of these teams could use new names and logos, or is this all blasphemy to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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