‘Rick and Morty’ Will Officially Recast Main Characters

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It has been some time since the drama unfolded with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Roiland had been charged with heinous crimes, leading him to be fired by practically every company he was involved with. Roiland was crucial to the beloved Adult Swim series, as he voiced both the voices of Rick and Morty. However, it has now been revealed they will be recast.

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Justin Roiland was charged with one felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and one felony count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, and/or deceit in 2020. However, though he was set to appear in court for these charges, they had been surprisingly dropped in March of this year.

Despite the charges being dropped, Roiland had been dropped from everywhere he had a connection. Rick and Morty announced they had cut ties with the former co-creator. Hulu announced that Roiland would no longer serve as a voice actor and producer of the hit animated series Solar Opposites and as an executive producer and voice actor for the newly released Koala Man.

Roiland also resigned as co-founded of Squanch Games, which had just released the High on Life video game.

Though his career had ultimately crumbled, the voice actor took to Twitter to announce his victory in March, stating, “I have always known these claims were false—and I never had any doubt that this day would come.”

“I’m determined to move forward and focus both on my creative projects and restoring my good name,” the creator added.

Despite Justin Roiland’s charges being dropped and stating that he would restore his good name, Rick and Morty is moving past him.

‘Rick and Morty’ Main Characters will be “Replaced”

According to a new interview with Adult Swim channel president Michael Ouweleen and executive producer Steve Levy for Premiere, they touched on the longevity of the animated series and the plan moving forward regarding Justin Roiland.

According to Michael Ouweleen, when asked about what will happen to the main characters, he states:

“He will be replaced in dubbing. No, not imitators… In any case the idea is that we feel that they are the same characters. Listen: voices are obviously super important in an animated series. And, of course, none of us wanted to go through what we went through. But I’ve been in animation for a long time, and I know that what makes a series is its different parts coming together. If the voices are obviously a big part, there is also the writing of the characters, their design… I have reason to believe that the transition will go well.”

Executive producer Steve Levy echoed this statement: “The writing quality has never been better, and all the screenwriters have stayed. I don’t think anyone will bat an eyelid hearing the new voices.”

Ouweleen confirmed that finding the right person or persons to step in and voice Rick and Morty is ongoing. He compared the many people that voiced Bugs Bunny—mainly Mel Blanc and Jeff Bennett.

That is an excellent comparison because though Bugs have changed voice actors, both have sounded identical. Rick and Morty do have some iconic voices, but a plethora of voice actors are likely to come so close that the casual fan will not recognize a difference.

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Adult Swim signed the series to a massive deal in 2018, adding 70 episodes to be made. That would presumably take the show into ten seasons. The series’ sixth season ended in December 2022, so there is plenty more to see.

Rick and Morty has turned into a cultural phenomenon and one that the recasting of its main characters cannot stop.

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