A Brand New ‘Pokémon’ Experience Could Be Coming to Universal Studios Soon

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The Universal Studios Theme Park globe with Pikachu jumping (edit)

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There could be something game-changing entering the theme park world!

Universal Studio Orlando
Credit: Universal Studios Orlando

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Universal Studios is widely regarded as the primary competitor to The Walt Disney Company in the realm of theme parks. It offers a range of attractions that compete directly with Disney’s popular offerings, which primarily feature the iconic Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park. Universal Studios  incorporates intellectual properties from other companies, such as DreamWorks’ Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon franchises, as well as Illumination’s Minions, to further diversify its appeal and provide unique experiences for visitors.

Pikachu on the Pokémon parade float at Universal Studios Japan
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

What’s the deal with Nintendo’s Pokémon?

Owned by the Nintendo Company, Pokémon is a truly beloved media franchise that began as a video game series — which has since expanded to include an animated TV show, trading card game, movies, and more. The world of Pokémon revolves around trainers who capture and train creatures known as Pokémon, to battle against each other. Players embark on journeys to become Pokémon Masters, bonding with their Pokémon along the way and facing off against bigger and bigger challenges. The franchise’s enduring popularity stems from its captivating universe, endearing characters, and strategic gameplay — making it a truly global phenomenon.

Credit: The Pokemon Company

Many have likely heard of the wildly popular Pokémon games, including industry-defining “Pokémon GO” — the mobile game that gripped the world in 2016 for using augmented reality to bring people out into the world to engage in play. Another famous moment in the game’s history was the extremely popular Detective Pikachu (2019), with Ryan Reynolds starring as the titular Pikachu, and Justice Smith as Tim Goodman.

Nintendo’s success at Universal Studios, and what that means

Entrance to Universal Studios Japan
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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The most popular IP at the Universal Parks however, is by far the Super Mario franchise. The studio is also riding off the back of mega-success, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which grossed and impressive $1.3 billion US dollars at the box office (and counting). With themed lands like Mario-focused Super Nintendo World proving a prime draw for the theme park franchise, it’s no wonder that Universal Studios Theme Parks are going to make full use of that lucrative Nintendo deal.

But what’s the next step? Since capitalizing on gaming IPs is all the rage now — keen-eyed sources might have figured out that a certain beloved IP is coming to the Universal theme parks in the form of a potential new Pokémon ride.

A child jumps with a water pistol next to Mario
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Chris Nilghe of TDR Explorer is a Tokyo-based theme parks reporter who recently came forward with new information about an exciting innovation hitting the world of theme parks. Allegedly, the Osaka, Japan-based company Sansei Technologies is hard at work on an “unannounced new dark ride”:

The ride will be of the “trackless” variety — think Disney’s Ratatouille ride at Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World’s EPCOT, Minnie and Mickey’s Runaway Railway and even Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Sansei Technologies new dark ride vehicle, likely for Universal Studios Japan
Credit: Sansei Technologies, TDRExplorer on Twitter

But what does that have to do with Pokémon? Well, Nilghe provides his expert opinion, putting forth a likely theory that Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is in fact working on a new Pokémon ride with Sansei Technologies to replace the The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride at USJ:

remys ratatouille adventure
Credit: Disney

Universal Studios Japan is a notable testing ground for all things Nintendo-theme-park-related, before their exportation to other global theme parks — just like Super Nintendo World’s migration to the US Universal Parks after its massive success in Japan. So what this means is that a brand new Pokémon experience could be coming to a Universal Theme Park near you — in the near future!

Would you be interested in more gaming IP at theme parks like Pokémon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Universal Studios Theme Parks are theme park entertainment masters, and home to many beloved theme parks and attractions like Jurassic Park and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Their parks include Universal Studios Hollywood, in California with its Universal CityWalk and Super Nintendo World, Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, home to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park, and the up-and-coming Epic Universe, which will feature DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk, another Super Nintendo World, and an area themed after Universal Monsters, among others. Beloved Universal Studios parks around the world include Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Singapore, and Universal Beijing Resort. Events like Halloween Horror Nights coupled with popular rides like the Jurassic World Velocicoaster add to the Universal experience.

Tickets for Universal Studios Japan can be purchased on their official website, here

More on Pokémon

The world of Pokemon is a globally beloved franchise that encompasses video games, animated TV shows, trading card games, and more. At the core of the franchise is a vast collection of captivating creatures with unique abilities and types. Games like “Pokemon GO” on mobile, or Game Freak and The Pokemon Company’s “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” on the Nintendo Switch allow you to engage in strategic battles as you train, evolve, and compete with your Pokemon team. As a Pokemon trainer in these video games, you can explore different regions, challenge gym leaders, and strive to become a Pokemon Master. With its enduring appeal and fanbase spanning generations, Pokemon continues to captivate fans worldwide.

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