Op-Ed: ‘Rogers’ Cans ‘Guardians’ Musical

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Rocket facepalms at Rogers Musical

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As seen on Disney+’s Hawkeye series, Rogers: The Musical is finally coming to the Hyperion Theatre at Disneyland’s California Adventure. With previews popping up on Disney and Marvel’s social media, fans are in for a silly super-powered musical spectacular with Earth’s mightiest heroes. However, both studios might have just blown a massive opportunity.

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While it looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s answer to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, the musical is a single gag given a Disney-sized budget. Of all the Marvel characters to receive a stage adaptation, Captain America wouldn’t even be in the top five. However, three MCU musicals already exist.

A Guardians of the Galaxy Musical Makes More Sense

Guardians of the Galaxy cast

The Rogers musical in Hawkeye on Disney+ was funny, and we all had a good laugh about it; it’s safe to say that very few people were expecting it to become real. With Spidey’s Broadway flop a splatter on the character’s career, it’s hard to believe that Marvel would want to see any of their heroes attempt to trod the boards again.

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With that in mind, consider which film was the most recent success for Marvel Studios. With the attention given to soundtracks and the role music of the ’70s and ’80s played in the overall narrative, why didn’t Marvel give fans a Musical inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy?

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James Gunn utilizes the soundtrack perfectly in his critically acclaimed franchise, and both studios know the significance of it. Disney and Marvel have used themes of music, concerts, rock and roll, disco, and more in almost everything Guardians related, so how hard would it have been to give them some sort of stage show?

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If Disney Park Guests are willing to scream/sing along with classic jams on Mission Breakout at Disneyland and Cosmic Rewind at Walt Disney World, there’s no way they wouldn’t want to see the Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and the others fight a horde of bad guys while rocking out to one of Quill’s mixtapes. What better way to honor one of the most prominent elements of the movies than by giving fans a chance at a galactic jam session?

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