Move Over Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel Is Now Feuding With Another ‘Fast & Furious’ Star

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Dwyane Johnson, Vin Diesel Will Be Back for More ‘Fast and Furious Movies

Everyone knows about the feud that took place between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Things began when Diesel claimed that Dwayne Johnson needed to take acting lessons, which naturally did not go over well. Johnson would leave the Fast & Furious franchise after appearing in four mainline movies and his own spinoff, though the pair have seemingly made up recently (Johnson is getting his own spinoff). Now, it appears that Diesel has set his sights on another Fast & Furious star.

Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs in the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise
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Fast X has been unleashed unto the world, and though critics have lambasted the film, it has already secured over $500 million at the worldwide box office—after a short two weeks in theaters. Most people would not care about what critics had to say, especially if their starring affair was garnering massive monetary gains. However, Diesel is not one of those people.

There have been plenty of stories of Vin Diesel essentially being difficult to work with. Initially, Justin Lin was meant to direct Fast X, though he stepped away as production began on the anticipated sequel. The tension on set had apparently led to a slammed door and an argument between Lin and Diesel, leading to Lin walking away to protect his mental health.

With Lin stepping away and the public feud with Dwayne Johnson, it stands to reason that the stories about Diesel could be quite true. Even though the sequel is finally out and making a boatload of money, Diesel is reportedly angry at Jason Momoa for that reason.

Vin Diesel Angry At Jason Momoa’s Performance

jason momoa as dante in Fast X
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Vin Diesel is certainly an odd character. For starters, he seems to think that critics have more power over the movie than audiences. Critics aren’t the ones pumping this movie to over $500 million, yet he is using the poor critic performances as the catalyst to being angry at Jason Momoa.

Oddly enough, one of the bright spots that critics have mentioned is the performance of Jason Momoa. Considering that Diesel is a producer for the franchise and the current sequel, one would think he would be happy about Momoa’s villain being widely accepted. However, that is what he is most angry about.

An industry insider close to the situation stated, “Vin is embarrassed Jason is being branded the only bright spot in the film and stealing his thunder in the franchise he built himself.” Apparently, Diesel is blaming Momoa for the poor critic scores that Fast X has received, despite him being one of the positives mentioned in every critique.

Vin Diesel has also reportedly stated that he does not like that Momoa has a penchant for “overacting” and “scene-stealing.” More industry insiders also claimed that Momoa is aware of these claims and that”Jason knows he’s the flavor of the moment, and Vin’s jealous of him.” He also indicated that he is upset that Diesel is trying to “poison the public against him.”

It is quite bizarre that even though the Fast & Furious films have been wildly successful, Diesel has always been at the core of some of the deepest problems. He can be a star and a producer, but not one that can push people around and expect a positive outcome to happen.

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto
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We did report that Dwayne Johnson will be heading up his own solo spinoff Fast & Furious movie, and that could be because everyone is tired of dealing with Diesel’s behavior. The mainline series can finally come to an end, and the planned spinoffs can take the franchise in new and exciting directions.

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