More Major Studios Join Marvel In Canceling San Diego Comic-Con Apperance

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This year’s San Diego Comic-Con appears to look vastly different than previous years. Well, that’s not counting the version that contained heavy Covid-19 restrictions. Marvel Studios was the first to announce they would be passing on appearing this year, and a lot of the major studios have now joined them.

THESE Big Studios Will Not Be Attending San Diego Comic-Con This Year
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The WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) strike is ongoing, which is the primary reason so many studios are now dropping out of showcasing any kind of panels to the massive amounts of fans that will attend the convention. Marvel has practically shifted its entire schedule to coincide with the idea that this strike might not allow most properties to meet their proposed release dates.

The WGA strike was heightened because the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)  might also join the WGA in striking. The deadline for their new fair deal is June 30, and many insiders believe it will not be worked out in time.

Most companies cannot show their films, as the actors and writers will be on strike. There will be no one there to stand on stage and speak about the upcoming projects, so why show up at all? It makes sense for the companies to support the respective strikes and wait for a fair deal.

Marvel Studios was the first proverbial domino to fall on this massive strike, but they are not the last. Joining them are more significant studios like Univeral and HBO, which we also reported. However, even more, big-name studios have joined the cancelations.

San Diego Comic-Con Loses, Marvel, Universal, and More

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Variety first broke the story that Netflix, Universal, Lucasfilm, and Sony joined Marvel Studio to cancel their big panels. All the companies have ongoing projects that have been halted due to the strike, and they have chosen instead to bow out of attending the biggest pop culture convention in the world.

Netflix has more reason to bail, as the company had just hosted its Tudum event in Brazil. While at the event, the media company showed off Extraction 2 (Extraction 3 announcement, too), Wednesday Season 2 teaser, One Piece trailer, and more. A lot was shown during that event, which explains why the streamer decided to sit out of San Diego Comic-Con.

Though many major companies are sitting out, a few holdouts will bring some sort of presentation or at least showcase a presence in the halls of the convention. For instance, Warner Bros. might be dealing with a fire sale of its assets, but the company might still show up to give the world glimpses of Blue Beetle and Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Max will also be bringing some sort of animated show announcements as well.

Paramount is reportedly showing up with a panel highlighting the upcoming TMNT: Mutant Mayhem film. However, Paramount+ might not show the newly announced Star Trek franchise properties.

Amazon Studios might also showcase The Wheel of Time Season 2 and the new spinoff for The Boys, The Boys: Gen V.

NBC still plans to roll out a panel if no actors strike, though Peacock might not be part of that plan.



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Though major studios have certainly bailed on this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, there is still hope for those wanting to attend the annual convention. However, we understand people not wanting to participate with Netflix, Universal, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Sony not showing up.

What company not showing up at San Diego Comic-Con upsets you the most? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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