‘Wednesday’ Cast Break Down Fan Theories, Tease New Addams Family Member

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Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday' on the left and Addams Family ( father, mother, brother) in 'Wednesday' on the right

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Last night, the global Netflix TUDUM event occurred in São Paulo, Brazil. During the event, many stars from some of the most popular shows and movies offered exclusive looks, trailers, and sneak peeks. This includes Jenna Ortega and the cast of Wednesday, who rifled through some of the best fan theories, including teasing another incoming Addams Family member.

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No one knew the powerhouse that Wednesday would become when it arrived. It could be Jenna Ortega’s ability to appear as deadpan as possible in her delivery, making her the perfect portrayal of Wednesday Addams (sorry, Christina Ricci). Then again, it could be the darker nature of the series overall, which was crafted by macabre expert Tim Burton.

The many winning combinations led to Wednesday skyrocketing into #3 of the most-watched Netflix shows ever. Its 1.27 billion hours watched nearly rivaled Stranger Things Season 4 with 1.35 billion hours, which keeps the kids in Dawkins in the #2 spot.

Simply put, Wednesday became a massive show that Netflix had no choice but to renew for a second season. And during the TUDUM event, the cast broke down some of the biggest fan theories, including revealing a new Addams Family member is joining the show.

If you have not seen all of Wednesday Season 1, look away, as the rest of this article will contain heavy spoilers. 

‘Wednesday’ Cast Break Down Biggest Theories

Jenna Ortega (Wednesday), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin), and Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay) all sit down to go through some of the biggest fan theories, giving their honest opinions about the truth behind them.

Interestingly, Ortega opens the video stating that the show is being worked on, but the story is so top secret that they don’t even know what is set to happen. That could be an excellent way to shock the actors when they appear in said scenes, which would give off a rather believable reaction. That’s not to say this group needs help with acting, as they have all been excellent.

So, the first theory points to the villainous Jonathan Crackstone, the evil Puritan who killed Wednesday’s ancestor. Crackstone is resummoned by Marilyn Thornhill, leading to him having mystical powers of fire and brimstone. When Wednesday defeats him, he drops the ring that presumably gave him powers. The question posed is if anyone happened to pick the ring up, which is a great question. The cast did state that Thing is generally running around on the ground and could be the one to have secured the powerful ring.

The next theory points to Hunter Doohan’s Tyler, who was revealed to be a Hyde at the end of Wednesday. Considering that his former master was Thornhill, and has since been disposed of, is Wednesday now his new master? There is a moment when Wednesday is passing by the cop car carrying Tyler, and he begins to change. Ortega does state she always says Wednesday having a monster as a pet, and who better than a Hyde?

The third theory might be one of the most interesting, as it points to Professor Weems (Gwendoline Christie), who we know is a shapeshifter. During the events of the big reveal that Thornhill is the villain, she stabs Weems in the neck, presumably killing her. However, later on, Lurch is shown with different colored eyes. Fans believe Weems could have lived and infiltrated the Addams Family, posing as Lurch.

Fan theories are always quite exciting, as sometimes they can be proven true. It’s not common, but fans have proven crafty enough to have sniffed out some of the biggest storylines. The cast gives away the final theory, which is a huge reveal. Though a fan asked it, they confirmed that another Addams Family member will appear in Season 2.

The question is, who might be joining the ranks of the family next? So far, we have seen Wednesday, Lurch, Gomez, Morticia, Pugsly, and Uncle Fester. The cast stated they would love to see C0usin Itt and Grandma Addams join the show.

Another of our ideas could be that Pubert Addams will make an appearance. Though having a baby appear out of nowhere would be confusing, the Addams Family is always full of surprises. Also, Wednesday has left Nevermore, considering the school burned down.

wednesday and roomamte
Credit: Netflix

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With her home not being the focal point of the show’s first season, we might finally catch a glimpse of the famed Addams Family manor, which could house Grandma, Pubert, or Cousin Itt. Our vote is for Cousin Itt, as his high-pitched nonsensical dialogue is always welcomed.

Who do you want to see join Wednesday Season 2? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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