MCU Fans Lose It After Seeing Jeremy Renner In “Freak Accident”

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Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel fans almost lost Jeremy Renner at the start of the year, and it seems that the actor’s condition isn’t great.

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Credit: Marvel Studios

In January, Jeremy Renner suffered a tragic accident with a snow plow while trying to help someone. After losing a lot of blood and major injuries to his body, the actor pulled through and lived. Fans were worried for the actor because most people don’t survive injuries like that.

Thankfully, the actor got a lot of excellent treatment and has been recovering ever since. Now, Jeremy Renner’s fate has fans freaking online as a new accident was posted online that left Marvel fans in a frenzy.

Jeremy Renner
Credit: Disney

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Twitter has the hashtag, #RipJeremyRenner going viral and for a good reason. Many fans are posting online how they are grateful for the actor and making it seem like the actor is dead. Other fans have posted that Renner suffered intense injuries from an escalator which has left people unaware of the situation confused.

More posts of unverified footage show a person falling backward on an escalator, and that was enough for some fans to start posting memories they had of the actor’s career to honor him. No statement or official sources were used; this is where things get interesting.

Here are some of the posts online of fans talking about the incident:


I can’t believe he’s gone you guys.. #RIPJeremyRenner

#RIPJeremyRenner, I can’t believe he’s really gone

Digging deeper into the mess, fans can quickly realize one thing. Jeremy Renner isn’t dead. No official source has shared this, but fans are still jumping in to figure out what actually happened. Unfortunately, it all began with misinformation.

For some reason, fans decided that today would be perfect for spreading information that Renner died on an escalator and made rapid posts about it with hashtags so fans would make it viral. Unfortunately, this trending topic led to thousands of fans believing that Renner indeed did die, and it’s understandable because the actor hasn’t fully recovered.

Jeremy Renner in Hospital
Credit: Jeremy Renner via Instagram

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Fans who were not pleased with the misinformation shared their thoughts, bashing those who made the hashtag viral:

Y’all mfs really had me thinking Renner died. For those wondering this #RIPJeremyRenner is fake, the man’s still breathing.

pages of these. Twitter testing out its latest bot deployment #RIPJeremyRenner It’s going well.

To the idiot that got #RipJeremyRenner trending I hope you’re happy for scaring the crap out of a lot of people. Cheers.

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Renner is doing well and still recovering from his snowplow accident, so don’t worry about the actor. Hopefully, Renner will make some sort of statement to help diffuse the alleged rumors of his death on an escalator, but we shall see. After his injury, it’s unclear what the actor will do as the star hasn’t shared any plans to join another MCU project as Hawkeye or whether or not he will act in another movie again.

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