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Two kids cry at Cinderella Castle

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Disney fans seem to be constantly reminded how much Disney is geared toward kids every day, much to the annoyance of childless millennials. However, it’s also been shown that only a hoard of unruly toddlers can ruin a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. The number of times we’ve seen kids in Mickey ears or princess regalia absolutely sobbing is astronomical.

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For a place that’s meant to be one of the most magical experiences a kid can have, there’s certainly a lot of dissatisfied customers under the age of ten. Overwhelmed or anxious kids can truly suck the fun out of a day at the Disney Parks, but parents can avoid this ever-present pitfall if they prep their progeny beforehand.

Keep Disney World Tantrum Free

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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld asked “What’s One WDW Thing You had to Learn the Hard Way,” and the fan base was more than quick to respond. One factor addressed immediately was ensuring that kids understood how the Disney World environment works. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that can clearly be seen in how these Guests got their younger party members ready for the adventure ahead.

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The rides and attractions are one of the main reasons to visit Walt Disney World, but the first hill all young Guests must overcome is the height requirement. While being tall enough to ride Expedition Everest or Big Thunder Mountain is a rite of passage for many, some have to wait longer than others for their growth spurt.

u/lemonclements shares,

“Also explain that they may not be tall enough for everything YET but next time they may be. It’s what my parents said to me as a tot and I never threw any kind of tantrum about it.”

To which u/Lady-Nara replies,

“Another tip is taking the too short child to something else nearby or for a special treat while the taller riders go for the ride. Don’t just sit there waiting without anything to do.”

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It should also be noted that rides that have been in operation since the ’70s can and do break down. While this has been uncommonly frequent in recent reports, kids and adults should still be prepared ahead of time.

u/puppyorbagel shares,

“Warn small children in advance that rides sometimes break down and it’s okay and don’t just yank them out of line with no explanation unless you want your normally easy going 4 yr old to suddenly go full exorcist.”

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Another thing both kids and adults should be prepared for is the waiting. The first thing everyone needs to understand about a trip to any Disney Park, you will be waiting and you will be walking. The sooner younger visitors learn and accept that, the better.

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u/SunflowerSerpent makes a great observation and a great explanation for kids when they write,

“explain to your children that they need to take a quick break and will be back shortly could have helped so many families. There were a lot of families who would say to their kids that it could be a long time before they come back even though when the character attendant says 5 minutes they actually mean 5 minutes. Thankfully I don’t think I saw any family leave.”

Aerial view of the Grand Floridian at Disney World
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Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice from the thread comes from users like u/phamio23 who warns,

“Breaks/downtime out of the parks can save a whole trip…”

This is a sin even solo travelers commit, and this writer is certainly more than willing to admit it. The Disney Parks are definitely some of the most overwhelming environments out there, and it’s so easy for kids to get anxious and overstimulated.

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u/jake61341 shares the benefits of a resort day for both kids and parents when they add,

 “Our kids (7 and 5) really crash around 1:00 pm on park days. Rope drop, an early lunch, a few more rides, and they’re done. So every day becomes a resort day after that. We’ve decided the next trip (September) that we’re going to skip an actual resort day and just plan a slower pace in the parks and then spending the last half at the resort.”

Disney World for a kid can be a the trip of a lifetime, but it also has the potential to be a nightmare for the parents and those around them. Kids can be unruly and unbearable when they’re unprepared, and that’s a sight we see in the Parks more often than not. However, the right amount of prep, understanding, and downtime can truly make a trip to Disney World a magical time for the entire family.

How do you and your kids manage your trips to Disney? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!



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