Unlucky Guest Loses Hundreds Because of Disney’s Irresponsibility

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Mickey Mouse shrugging at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort, implying Disney's irresponsibility when shipping merchandise

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An unfortunate Guest lost hundreds of dollars due to Disney’s irresponsibility and is urging Guests not to make the same mistake.

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort is definitely not an inexpensive feature. Between transportation, lodging, theme park tickets, meals, and souvenirs, a visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth can set you back a couple of thousand dollars — even when ticket prices are set to hit their lowest price in years.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse
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And while visiting Mickey Mouse and his friends, enjoying the iconic rides and spectacular entertainment, and being immersed in Disney Parks’ storytelling makes up for the experience, a Guest recently ended up losing more than he would’ve liked due to Disney’s irresponsibility, and is now urging others not to make their same mistake.

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The disappointed Guest took to Reddit to share their experience with Disney’s shipping service, urging readers to “maybe don’t ship” their merchandise back home and bring it on the plane instead.

User u/Posidonson1 shared a photo of their $249.99 (plus tax) lightsaber from Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers, which they built at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, commenting that after Disney shipped their items to the wrong person, their replacement merchandise came broken in half. “I’m so bummed,” added the disappointed Guest, “I should have just taken it on the plane.” The user commented that the lightsaber “wasn’t packed very well or was damaged in the shipping.”

Okay maybe don’t ship it
by u/Posidonson1 in GalaxysEdge

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About a week before, u/Posidonson1 shared a photo of their lightsaber, commenting they had decided to ship it home “after hearing the nightmares on airplanes, plus I just didn’t want to carry it around,” but saying the iconic Star Wars souvenir “didn’t make it home.”

And while the unlucky Guest commented that Disney customer service has supported them, the experience has been “extra frustrating.” “Third time is the charm,” added the Redditor, hoping his items finally arrive safe after two mishaps — which rack up to over $500 if we consider the two lightsabers involved in the incidents and add the shipping fees.

The Guest has not shared details on their second replacement — making it the third package he’d receive from Disney — but hopefully, their lightsaber will make it one piece this time.

My lightsaber didn’t make it home
by u/Posidonson1 in GalaxysEdge

Unfortunately, this is not the first time an incident like this has happened. Inside the Magic reported on a Guest whose two lightsabers were destroyed during shipping, making them lose over $500 worth of merchandise from the Star Wars franchise. Similarly, a Guest shared their disappointing experience after shipping merchandise from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and finding it damaged when it arrived home.

Have you ever had an unpleasant experience shipping items from Disney World? Tell Inside the Magic about it in the comments below!

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