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Like any major entertainment corporation, Disney depends on its enormous audience to stay culturally relevant. Unfortunately for the house of mouse, recent developments out of Florida continue to keep the Disney name steeped in controversy. More specifically, Disney’s recent price change in Park tickets could have a short-term success but a devastating blow in the future.

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As of now, Walt Disney World is promising many money-saving offers, such as running 4-day, 4-Park experience that offers a full Disney package for $99 a day. That’s a sweet deal for the time being, but Disney has also been slowly pricing out middle-class families to ensure the arrival of larger ones willing to spend more. While obviously profitable, this could be bad news for adult fans visiting in the future.

Fewer Families Mean Less Disney Adults

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Todd James Pierce of the Disney History Institute goes into further detail on the subject in his latest podcast episode, but he also makes a particular observation that should have every Disney fan’s attention.

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Pierce states,

“If families don’t make that initial trip when their kids are young, they may be less likely to jump in later when their kids, slightly older, might be more interested in Parks with slightly more thrill attractions.”

A fact some people don’t seem to grasp is that parents who take their kids to Disney are solely responsible for creating Disney Adults. If middle-class families aren’t making that initial trip, Disney adults could eventually phase themselves out. While that might sound wonderful for bitter parents trying to get them banned from the Park, it won’t end well for the Walt Disney Company.
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Granted, the elimination of perhaps their largest and most vocal fanbase would be financial suicide for Disney, but logic dictates that most fans are less likely to go as an adult if they don’t go with their parents as kids. It’s not like the company is actively preventing them from accessing the theme parks, but not everyone can afford the tickets, travel, and lodging for a truly successful trip to Disney World.
Although there will always be adult fans who enjoy Disney’s movies, shows, characters, and merch, pricing them out of the Parks won’t be without its repercussions. More than likely, this is a temporary season that’s subject to change. However, it’s still a major detractor that hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans.
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