Expensive New Genie+ Pricing Revealed by Disney

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Garsh, Genie+ just got more expensive. Walt Disney World announced last week that its paid service Genie+ would be getting a major overhaul and upgrade in terms of Guests being able to pay for it individually per Park or in total as they Park hop. The new prices have been released and are nowhere cheaper than previously thought.

Genie+ Just Got a Lot More Expensive
Credit: Inside the Magic

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The New Genie+ Upgrade Announced Last Week

Walt Disney World Resort made the official announcement last week that Genie+ would be getting an overhaul by giving Guests the option to pay for individual Parks or multiple Parks at once to allow said Guests to plan out their days and trip more accordingly.

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Above, you can see an example of what the pricing will look like once the changes are implemented into the paid system. With the update next week on June 27, prices will be lower at some Parks than others. As a quick example of what you can expect to happen, here are some mock prices:

  • Multiple Parks: $27/person
  • Magic Kingdom: $27/person
  • Hollywood Studios: $24/person
  • EPCOT: $18/person
  • Animal Kingdom: $16/person

Those mock prices listed above are no longer bogus as new and fresh pricing has been released by Disney today, and Guests all over the country are not happy with the results of the new price layout for Genie+.

Genie+ Just Got a Lot More Expensive
Credit: Inside The Magic

Walt Disney World Releases New Pricing for Genie+, and Yes, It’s Expensive

Today marks the first day that Guests entering Walt Disney World Resort will get the new pricing for Genie+ as Disney unveils its upgrade to the paid service. The pricing for Genie+ can either be paid for each Park or multiple-Parks for folks looking to Park hop and utilize the system after 2 p.m.

Ashley Carter, an industry insider and journalist, shared some updated information regarding the Genie+ pricing and what Guests can expect to pay as Disney rolls out this upgrade for the paid service. As you can see from the photo above, here is a quick rundown of the new pricing for Genie+:

  • Multiple Parks: $27
  • Magic Kingdom: $27
  • EPCOT: $18
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: $24
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: $16

The listed above can be subject to change as the days get busier or as Disney continues to try and take hold of this paid service to make it more convenient for Park Guests. But the pricing is not far from the highest point price we saw just weeks ago, where Genie+ crossed the $35 threshold, upsetting a lot of folks as the price had never been that high before.

Thrill Geek on Twitter also posted the exact pricing earlier this morning, which got a lot of attention from the Disney Parks fanbase, resulting in many angry people genuinely concerned about the paid service and wondering if it’s even worth it.

Disney will continue to allegedly work towards building a better Genie+ system that will appeal to the general demographic of theme Park goers in 2024. But at this point, the pricing for Genie+ has gotten expensive, resulting in fans lashing out at the company for raising its prices and creating a complete system.

What are your thoughts on the new Genie+ pricing for the Walt Disney World Resort Parks? Will you use the latest and “improved” Genie+ system in your upcoming or future trip? Do you think Genie+ got more expensive?

Be sure to follow Inside The Magic for more news on Genie+ as Disney continues to upgrade the system through the end of the year and into 2024.

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