Florida Attraction Closing Imminently for Replacement

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Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa

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The latest in a long line of recent announcements about attractions closing, another Florida theme park is replacing a beloved coaster starting next month.

The entrance of Serengeti Flyer at Busch Gardens Tampa
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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to several roller coasters and higher thrill rides mixed in with animal exhibits, shows, and shopping and dining experiences for Guests. It’s been undergoing some serious renovations recently with the opening of the all-new Serengeti Flyer and Iron Gwzai rides, continuing to make a name for itself as a major thrill amusement park.

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However, as it continues to try and grow, it has to make room for newer attractions and experiences for Guests. The latest announcement from Busch Gardens is that the SandSerpent will be closing permanently on July 9 to make way for a new experience coming to the Pantopia area of the Park. The attraction was first introduced in 1996 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg under a different name and has been a staple at Busch Gardens Tampa since 2004. SandSerpent is a “wild mouse” style roller coaster full of twists, drops, and corkscrews that have made it a crazy but beloved addition to the Park.

Scorpion, high-speed roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
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Considering Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World recently closed down Primeval Whirl, their wild mouse coaster located in DinoLand U.S.A., it was likely only a matter of time before SandSerpent followed. While a fun attraction for many, these types of roller coasters are often criticized by Guests for being too jerky, causing riders to bump and bruise against the ride vehicle as they’re tossed around the tracks. Many Disney fans praised the decision to shut down Primeval Whirl, citing the experience as painful rather than enjoyable.

SandSerpent at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
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At the time of writing this article, Busch Gardens has yet to release any information about the attraction’s closing on their Twitter account, although the attraction’s page on their website does clearly state the final day of operation. It’s unclear what type of attraction will replace the SandSerpent, with the announcement simply stating that it’s being removed to make way for an “exciting new addition to the Park’s Pantopia area.”

Will you be riding SandSerpent one final time before it closes next month? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments!

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