Apple’s Latest Device Could Make You The Star of Marvel’s ‘What If…?’

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Last night, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook had much to say about the company’s latest invention, the new Apple Vision Pro. What it could do for people’s productivity – however, Disney CEO Bob Iger stole the show when he announced that Disney+ plans to partner with Apple on the device’s release.

While it still has not been confirmed or denied that Marvel director John Favreau has been working with Apple on the programming of the device, Disney’s involvement is now fully confirmed, and Bob Iger and the rest of Disney have been looking at ways to make it fun for users.

Disney Is Exploring the Possibilities of VR Storytelling with the Apple Vision Pro

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CEO Bob Iger described in the nine-minute presentation the ability to tell stories using a multiscreen feature, using The Mandalorian as an example.

Other platforms have experimented with this multiscreen capability in the past, with mixed results – it was employed decently well on the Nintendo DS system once creators got the hang of programming games that way. Still, it was more of a gimmick than the “future of gaming,” and it faded.

Additionally, some fans of audio-visual entertainment are incredibly wary that this multiscreen capability of the Apple Vision Pro will just be abused and utilized to keep ads in front of our faces at all times, much like the average internet page.

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There are other possibilities. However, that is a little more exciting – though Netflix has experimented with choose-your-own-adventure stories in the past, the outcome might be different with this new ability to place the viewer in the story entirely.

Iger hinted that they were playing with this idea and looking at Marvel’s What If…? to test their experiments on – meaning that early adopters of the Apple Vision Pro might get to be the first fans to star in their own Marvel series.

Specifying What If…? for these capabilities feels fitting since the features themselves are a huge “what if” for both companies.

What If...? Logo
Credit: Disney+

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There are numerous reasons to doubt this plan, mainly because there are currently so many potential issues with the console itself – similar ideas have gone through a lot of money and planning in the past, only to fail, leaving consumers feeling like promises made to them at launch were broken.

Even using the device to watch a regular movie has been described by some who tested it as “something like clamping an Imax screen to your face.”

Will Disney’s partnership with Apple Vision Pro yield all the positive results promised by Bob Iger? Or was this presentation merely a carnival Barker’s attempt to drum up excitement for an experimental product?

We’ll have to wait to find out – the Apple Vision Pro isn’t slated to launch until 2024.

What do you think we’ll actually be able to do with the Apple Vision Pro? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments.

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