Disney’s Bob Iger Announces Major New Apple Partnership

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Disney CEO Bob Iger on the right and Disney Image with Apple Logo on the left; Apple Partnership

Credit: Inside the Magic

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has taken the stage at Apple’s WWDC and has announced some massive news for Disney+ subscribers!

Credit: Scott Gustin

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Apple, the California-based technology giant, has announced a partnership with Disney at Apple WWDC 2023 conference. The company revealed that the newly launched Apple Vision Pro would run Disney Plus on its platform and offer a heroic experience for users of the new product.

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC23),  The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney+ would be available on day one on Apple Vision Pro – Apple’s new mixed reality headset. During the highly anticipated conference presentation, Bob Iger said that Disney looks forward to sharing more Apple Vision Pro content details in the upcoming weeks months ahead.

Take a look at the video of the presentation here.

Bob Iger with the hulu and disney plus logos tied to gether with wedding rings
Credit: Inside the Magic/Disney

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As The Walt Disney Company continues celebrating its 100th-anniversary celebration, the company will make bold moves. Disney has maintained a partnership with Apple for decades. In 2005, Bob Iger, the CEO, announced during an event that a selection of top-rated popular TV shows would be downloadable through the iTunes Music Store.

During its annual software developer meeting, Apple Inc revealed a new product category, an augmented-reality headset called the Apple Vision Pro. According to Mint.com, this new product release marks Apple’s significant venture into a new product category for the first time since the introduction of the Apple Watch nearly a decade ago. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, referred to it as “spatial computing,” where the device is operated using your eyes, hands, and voice.

Cook would go on to tell attendees at the conference that the Apple Vision Pro is the first Apple product you look through rather than just looking at it. Apple stated that the Vishasped, with a three-dimensional camera and microphone system, enables users to capture videos and photos that can be viewed in 3D later. The company demonstrated this capability by showcasing a parent using the feature during a child’s birthday celebration.

Are you excited to hear that Disney Plus will be featured on day one of Apple’s Vision Pro launch?

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